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7 recommendations to create the best subjects in email marketing

Currently, one of the tools that work the most in the world of marketing is email marketing 📥

But it’s not all about creating and sending newsletters. There is something essential: The subjects.

Therefore, here we will tell you what kind of subjects are the ones that can offer you the best results, taking into account that, despite the fact that this practice has existed for years, it is increasingly effective.

Users receive hundreds of newsletters daily, why would they click on yours having 100 more unopened? That’s where the importance of deciding what subject to put in and how to make the open rate rise comes into play.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in email marketing and we come to tell you what kind of subjects are the ones that offer the best results.

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What is email marketing?

Before knowing what the best subjects are, it is important that you know what email marketing consists of and all the benefits it entails for a company.

Email marketing is just another tool that serves so that you can contact users through email.

Of course, the difference is that this type of email serves so that you can attract customers or companies with a business purpose.

And, in addition, so that you can achieve your objectives as a company, either to retain customers by providing them with information of their interest or simply attract new users. 🤩

Basically, it consists of sending the recipients a message via email so that they know your interests and why you contact them.

That is why the message itself and everything that composes it, has to be sufficiently striking and professional. Therefore, the way you write, the vocabulary and even the subject have to follow some rules so that when you send the messages, you do not go unnoticed and do not end up in the mail bin.

Importance of creating a good subject in email marketing

You may be wondering… Why is it so important to write a good email subject? Well, we tell you the reasons!

As we mentioned before, all the elements that make up an email marketing influence when it comes to convincing or not the user to be interested in the message. We call that Indbound Marketing, or also known as attraction marketing.

Another reason why you should create a good subject is so that at first glance they decide to go for your message, for the simple reason that you differ significantly between your competitors, since most issuers believe that the matter is an unimportant element, when it really is the first thing the client reads and. therefore, that’s when you decide to click or not.

Email marketing subjects are the solution!

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7 practices for creating the best subjects in mail marketing

If you’ve come this far, you probably know the importance of email marketing subjects, but now? 🤔

At Kiwop, we want to help you. Therefore, we give you 7 practices so you can create the best subjects and attract thousands of customers.

Be the most creative!

The more the subject attracts attention, the more time the recipient will spend observing it and deciding whether to click or not, since matters without a hook have no interest whatsoever.

Customers are looking for proximity, apart from professionalism. That is why you have to try to be as attractive as possible to differentiate yourself from others. 🤩

Be as clear as possible

Allow yourself to be clear and just explain what’s in the email because recipients will appreciate the conciseness.

Users receive hundreds of emails a week, which is why they have little time to read them all and will have to decide what they read and what they do not through the subjects.

Therefore, if you as the sender make it even easier by providing clear information on the subject, the person who receives the message will opt for that and not for others who do not provide any information.

Don’t offer false information

When you write the subject, do not mention or contribute information that is not actually included in the email, as it does not provide credibility or professionalism on your part. This is known as clickbait.

Learn how clickbait should be used! 😉

If you include information in the message in the subject line, the user will thank you and believe in you for future messages. On the other hand, if someone has caught their attention your subject, but does not agree with the content, the chances of not reading more emails will be very high.

Use an appropriate vocabulary

You have to know how to find a middle ground between creativity and professionalism, that is why you have to know how to be creative as we have mentioned in the first point and, at the same time, use formal and appropriate words that show that you are professional.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use items like emoticons! 😀 On the contrary, more and more people are receiving email messages via smartphone and it does not hurt to use the occasional emoji to attract more attention and show kindness to the recipient.

Check out how mobile app marketing works to work with too!

Don’t include re-ply

It is important that it is yourself or someone on your team who is dedicated to sending emails, since the “no-reply” are not people

Además, pueden acabar en spam, con mucha menos probabilidad de que te lean. Entonces, la gente confiará más en una persona cercana que no en una máquina, porque prefieren tener contacto con personas debido a que muestra más credibilidad.

Plan when to send the message

More and more people have little time to read all the emails 📩 they receive, so you should know at what time you can send a message because it is a crucial moment where you will have the opportunity to go unnoticed or they will decide for you.

Normally, when more emails can be dedicated to reading, it is between morning and noon 🕣, since since the pandemic began many people changed their work habits and now they do it intensively, leaving the afternoons free.

Es por ello que es mucho mejor que envíes un correo a una hora que sabes que podrán leerlo y no por la noche.

Displays data or questions

Although a subject should be brief, it is important that you write it so that it has some information or asks the recipient something.

For example, if you are a company that is on sale at 50%, 🔝 you have to show this figure in the subject so that the user knows what discount it is. On the other hand, you can also opt for the classic question: “Have you heard about our -50% sales?”.

Get your email marketing strategy off the ground

Hopefully you’ve learned how to make a good subject to attract thousands of customers! 😀

Start sending messages as soon as possible with subjects that follow our advice for greater effectiveness 🚀

If you need any kind of advice, do not hesitate to tell us!

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At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Go ahead and create the best subjects!

We want to help you get results.

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