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The meaning of branded content and how to use it

With the increase of participants in any market, it becomes more necessary to differentiate yourself from competitors, and one of the ways is through branded content.

Do you want to know how it can help you? We explain to you everything in this article. 👀

What is branded content?

Branded content is the direct response to the current market situation.

We live in a world with constant stimuli and where we are bombarded massively with multiple messages throughout the day.

In addition, there are more and more brands, new competitors… And differentiating only with the product begins to be complicated.

That’s where branded content comes in!

Branded content is part of marketing.

It is a marketing technique that simply consists of creating content that is relevant to the public, and that is linked to the brand.

In this way, we try to establish a link with the consumer, something beyond that they like your products.

This content tries to get the user to look for you to see your publications in a world where it is saturated by messages that are not interesting.

Say goodbye to traditional advertising and pop-ups. 👋

How to apply branded content

Now that you know what the term means, it’s important to have some guidelines, so you know how to apply it.

1. Set values that guide you

In the creation of any brand, it is very important to have values that define you, and to get everything to work in the same line.

Branded content is precisely a way to externalize these values.

Dust off the branding manual, and if you don’t have one, maybe it’s a good time to start working on it. 📖

2. It’s not about selling or the product

One of the pillars of branded content is that your content stops focusing on your products.

Currently, it is very difficult to differentiate yourself and attract the attention of the consumer only in this way.

Focus your content on how you are as a brand, the values that guide you, and what you can offer the world.

Analyze the competition so as not to overlap messages, and start differentiating yourself from them through your own content.

3. Involve emotions

This section explains itself.

In the beginnings of advertising, since there was not a lot of competition, it was enough to talk about the characteristics of the products.

Subsequently, there was talk of the benefits that could be obtained through use.

Today, everything has to be linked to emotions, or even the status it provides.

You have to try to generate positive emotions always.

And brands even more!

Not in vain has the term Lovemark been created. ♥

Think of big companies like Apple or Coca-Cola, and the sensations they transmit to you.

And try to consider what you want to convey with your brand.

4. Choose the channels well

It is very important to consider where you will share that content that you are going to start generating.

It will all depend on where your consumers are.

If you have a website it is always recommended that all the content on it is approached in the same way.

Do you have a blog? It is likely to be a very powerful tool as well.

Depending on your age, gender, and the type of content you have, social media can be the other half you’re missing, along with blogging. 📱

Research your audience with accurate analysis tools, and make decisions based on the data you get.

Focus on the platforms where your current audience is located, and expose yourself little by little when you see that it works well.

They already say it: whoever covers a lot, squeezes little.

5. Be creative

Don’t be afraid to get creative.

We repeat: we are talking about content that must generate emotions, sensations, that has to hook the consumer.

They have to want to come back to you.

So don’t be afraid! 🤗

Plan, measure, but listen to your instinct too.

Advantages of using branded content

Finally, and if you are not convinced yet, we explain some advantages of starting to make branded content:

  • It’s not invasive: this is something we’ve all started to hate. 😠
  • You can go viral: if you focus on social networks, they are easy formats to share.

Social networks are a powerful tool for branded content.

  • It generates a connection with the brand: this translates into greater engagement and loyalty.
  • Improves positioning.
  • It’s a way to increase leads.

Now you have it all!

Start creating your own branded content

We hope our explanation about branded content and how to use it has been useful.

Don’t be afraid and start trying it!

And if you have doubts, we will not hesitate to help you.

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Start working that branded content! 🖊

We want to help you get results.

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