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For any online business it is important to get a good positioning in Google for the searches of potential users of the target audience and to achieve this, they resort to implementing SEO strategies.

If you have an online business with a physical presence,as well as visits to your website of potential customers in any location interested in your products and services, you are interested in capturing the attention of those users who are in your area of influence,near the location of your business.

If your business is focused on a specific city or area, it will benefit you to attract physical customers located in your area of action. This is where investing efforts in local SEO can help you win customers and increase your sales.

In this article we want to talk to you about the importance of local SEO; we’ll start by telling you what local SEO is, why do it,and finally, what’s the best way to apply local SEO in your SEO strategy.

Let’s start by defining the concept of local SEO.

What is local SEO

Local SEO is search engine optimization for queries or searches in a given location. Therefore, it is a branch of web positioning focused on optimizing the position of a website in searches carried out in a specific geographical space.

In other words, optimizing the local SEO of a website is to improve the SEO positioning of the website in a given territory.

Local SEO is very useful for longtail keywords of this type:

keyword + in + given geographic space

Although in many cases, when searching using mobile smartphones, adding the keyword is enough because Google has tools to detect the location of the search user even if you don’t specify it in the search query.

Why you should include local SEO in your SEO strategy

For businesses with a physical presence, local SEO is the same, or more important than general SEO.

By investing efforts in local SEO, local businesses can get that when a potential user is in the area and looks for a business like yours in their area of action, the website gets results in the first positions, and at best, it gets stand out about the competition.

The number of searches for local companies from mobile devices is constantly increasing. If your business doesn’t appear in relevant geolocated searches, it’s the same as if it doesn’t exist.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your leads perform their local searches from mobile devices, you should invest in optimizing the mobile version of your website before applying local SEO,because if your website isn’t mobile-optimized, you’ll lose the most important source of local traffic. Google is prioritizing mobile local search, which is why your local business should give it the same priority.

Mobile as the center of local searches

Local searches that are carried out from mobile,come with a high intention of buying,which is synonymous with a great sales opportunity for your business.

Don’t forget to optimize your conversion rate on mobile devices.

How to do local SEO

Here are a series of key tips aimed at doing local SEO to appear in local searches:

Google My Business

You’re sure to already know Google My Business, and it’s important for your company’s local SEO because it’s Google’s platform dedicated to local business. If you have a business with a physical presence, it’s imperative that you register for Google My Business.

In addition to appearing in general searches for products or services offered by your business or the keywords and geographic location you’ve optimized, you’ll also appear on Google Maps.

You’ll be able to include the most relevant information about your business and its main features in addition to the images you have selected.

Include the location of your business in your keywords

Include your location within your keywords for which you want to position and add it strategically, in the titles, tags and texts of your website.

The importance of customer reviews

In order to optimize your presence in Google My Business, invite customers to leave reviews. Your ratings will be visible in local search results and potential new potential customers will be able to see the quality of your business of the words of other users, which are always more believable than those of the same company.

Always use the same NAP (Name, Address, Phone)

Your business name, address, and phone number must be entered identically (both in content and format) on all sites where your business appears:

  • Website
  • Google My Business
  • Company directories
  • Social media
  • Etc.

Presence in local directories

Google has tools that allow you to detect your NAP in other local directories, so it is important that you register for them to increase your visibility.

Important note: As we mentioned in the previous section, it is very important for local SEO positioning that your business name, address and phone number are entered identically.

Geolocated images

Adding geolocated images will help you stand out in your location in front of your competitors. It consists of entering a code that marks the coordinates of your business in order for Google to better understand the location of your business. Images on your website, and of course google My Business, should be geolocated to benefit local SEO.

If you do not know how to complete this process, do not hesitate to contact us at Kiwop.

Map embedded in your website

Add a map on your website with your company’s pin. It’s important for both your customers and to inform Google.

The embedded map can be placed on the contact page or also where to find us or who we are.

Don’t forget SEO on Page

The local seo and the seo on page go hand in hand. Don’t focus on one leaving the other.

Optimizing the mobile version of your website

Users looking for local businesses on mobile are looking to meet needs immediately.

Voice searches

Voice searches are becoming more important and have been gaining remarkable prominence in recent years.

According to data provided by Google, almost 50 mobile searches are done by voice.

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