Why it’s important to improve the speed of your website

Web Design and Development 12 May 2020

Upload speed is a critical aspect within a website. Improving the speed of your website is equivalent to improving the experience of users who visit it while boosting ranking in Google’s organic results.

The WPO performance and upload speed of a website are therefore essential for SEO and in parallel, for its success among users.

Importance of web upload speed
Importance of web upload speed

The vast majority of internet users use Google, the most important search engine. Google tries to offer its users the best possible results in order to continue leading the industry, and for this reason, it places so much importance on the performance of websites.

A second can make a big difference in today’s world, especially on the Internet.

What is the loading time of a web page?

Loading time is the time it takes to download and display all your content a web page in the browser. That is, the time that elapses from when the user clicks on the URL until all the elements of the page appear on their screen.

What is the ideal charging time?

The loading time of a web page should not exceed 3 seconds, ideally it is below 2 seconds of loading.

If your website takes longer, it’s critically important that you review it and implement the changes needed to reduce load time; because as we mentioned earlier, it not only harms the users’ experience for low effectiveness, but also negatively affects the organic positioning and any strategy SEM that is being applied in search engines.

Importance of web upload speed

Today, users who enter an unresponsive website end up leaving. According to Google data, 50 users expect a website to load in less than two seconds,and for every extra second increases the chance of the user leaving. Up to 123 increases the likelihood of a user leaving a website if it takes 10 seconds to load.

A high bounce rate means that the website is not attractive to users and therefore not attractive to Google.

how to improve web performance wpo
Importance of web upload speed

That’s right, one more second of burden can have consequences. Next we will delve into the importance of web upload speed.

The conversion rate

If you have a website or e-commerce, no matter how attractive its design, and however well developed the Inbound Marketing strategy is, the conversion funnel will not work properly if the conversion process is slow for your users.

The Conversion Rate depends directly on the page speed. Consumers expect websites to load in 2 seconds or less, and 40 drop if they take 3 seconds longer. These figures are a big harm to your conversion potential.

As a matter of interest, it is worth mentioning that Amazon conducted a study where its pages slowed down by 100 milliseconds. In the results of this test, they found that small decreases resulted in costly losses. Amazon is a well-known website and has a very good reputation. If users don’t wait another second for Amazon, they won’t wait for even less recognized websites.

The user experience

Attracting and retaining users is key in the digital age we live in today. Today’s consumers experience product saturation and competition between companies is fierce. There are so many options that no one is going to wait for a website to load.

Improving your users’ browsing experience is the way to stay afloat and cope with this strong competition. Web upload speed is particularly relevant when it comes to customer loyalty.

Charging speed for SEO, UX, and CRO
Charging speed for SEO, UX, and CRO

Almost 50 users say they comment with their contacts if they have a bad experience with a website. Therefore, offering a bad service and a bad user browsing experience, not only a customer is lost, but many more can be lost.

A single second difference can decrease user satisfaction and therefore reduce the chances of subsequent loyalty and all purchases less than loyal customers entail.

Web visibility

Google considers upload speed to be one of the most important factors in its Quality Score system. The slower your Page is, the fewer users will see it in search engine results. Google doesn’t want to send its users to slow sites.

For the same reason, today the speed of your mobile version is even more important than that of your desktop version and directly affects your organic and paid positioning.

If you want to improve your visibility,it’s essential to reduce the loading speed of your website for any device.

If you no longer believe that your website’s upload speed is not important, and you want to optimize its performance, you can contact us at Kiwop, we are experts in WPO.

How to evaluate a website’s upload speed on Google Page insights

The first thing to do is to add the URL of the site you want to analyze. In a few seconds this tool will provide you with the results of loading speed. There are two result tabs:mobileanddesktop.

Google Page Insights provides a global note that gives you an idea of the loading speed of your website.

PageSpeed Insights provides recommendations for improving this data:

This information can be difficult to interpret as it includes very technical elements. For more information, please contact us at Kiwop.

How to improve the upload speed of my website

There are many elements that influence web performance and therefore many ways to optimize to improve the speed of your website. Here are a couple of simple tricks that can substantially improve the loading speed:


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