Why invest in Web and Digital Marketing in times of Coronavirus

Digital Marketing 31 March 2020

The expansion of the coronavirus has limited the production of many companies, negatively affecting the markets.

At the same time, the difficulties of slowing down its rapid expansion have forced governments to close public buildings, companies and shops, in addition to limiting mobility.

Current situation

Uncertainty and ignorance about the Covid-19 epidemic have hurt markets and economies around the world.

The only companies that remain active are those that offer digital services.

Faced with the tragic consequences that the Coronavirus is having on our world economy, we can see that digitized companies are managing to stay active, while non-digitized companies have been forced to stop all activity, ceasing to generate income and leaving themselves in a critical financial situation.

The only businesses that are not being negatively affected by the health crisis are those that offer digital services.

invest in Digital Marketing during covid19

The coronavirus has highlighted the importance and need for companies to be digitized and with teleworking capabilities. Digital businesses, such as online training centers and courses, and electronic commerce, such as Amazon or Mediamarkt, are not only staying afloat but are also generating more income than ever.

Amazon survives a spike in orders due to confinement restrictions

The Confidencial Fear to Covid-19 gets in Amazon

For their part, companies with fewer resources are experiencing a very complicated situation. Many SMEs and businesses have had to close, due to the nature of their sector and their clients not buying during the period of confinement. Others are immersed in ERTEs to avoid losses that force them to close.

Many companies have stopped investing in digital advertising and online strategies, for fear of investing during the current situation of uncertainty; they prefer to save while waiting to know how the market will evolve. This is a common mistake, since the internet is (for most sectors) the only channel that can generate sales in times of the coronavirus.

online sales during covid19

The importance of investing in Digital Marketing

This is a time when companies must strategically prepare to achieve their business goals, setting short-term goals to finish completing their digitization processes, ensuring that they can continue to generate revenue.

Keep in mind that online advertising is not the only Marketing action that can be performed. There are other types of actions related to Digital Marketing that can be very useful to improve the current situation.

Advantages of investing in online Marketing:

  1. Greater impact of Digital Marketing actions: Due to the confinement due to the coronavirus, most of the population is connected to the internet longer, so that the actions we carry out from Online Marketing will have a greater impact.
  2. Better chances of beating your competitors: If your competitors are not investing in Digital Marketing actions, it is time to overcome them. Otherwise, if your competitors are investing in increasing their online visibility, it’s for a reason.
invest in selling online

At Kiwop, as experts in Web Development and Digital Marketing, we propose you to carry out the following actions with the aim of surpassing your competitors, improving your online visibility and continuing to generate and increase income.

Digital Marketing Actions:

These are the actions in which Kiwop, we propose to focus the efforts of your business during confinement. Without a doubt, the crisis caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 will pass.

Where do you want to be when everything returns to normal?

Invest in SEO

Search engine optimization is a priority that every company must take into account when designing its digital strategy.

More than 70% of internet users search Google for the products or services they want to buy or contract.

Also, most users do not go beyond the first page of Google results when doing a search, which implies that if your website is not there, you will not be able to reach your potential audience.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing goes hand in hand with SEO. Since quality content will notably favor the positioning of any website or online store in Google.

Content is the King

Microsoft founder Bill Gates

During the current period of confinement, content is one of the best Digital Marketing channels in which a company can invest efforts. Content creation agencies and professionals are among the specialists with more work than ever.

Being confined, most users spend much more time on the internet, so the reading percentages have risen significantly towards those brands that are generating quality content.

Website review

If you are one of those companies that has left the website or ecommerce forgotten, this is the time to rectify.

The UX / UI usability, web content structure, product sheets, service pages, content of categories, study and review of keywords of the sector and a good On-page SEO, among many others, are factors that you should review in order to improve your website during the crisis, or at least, so that they are ready when the crisis ends.

Investing in online advertising and neglecting the website and the advantages it can bring to maximize its usability and structure is a serious mistake.

WPO: Web Performance Optimisation

The performance of a website is an aspect that you must take into account if you want to optimise your corporate website or online store.

The loading speed of a website or online store improves both usability (UX) and search engine optimization (SEO) and also optimizes the conversion tax(CRO).

Sales strategy and lead Generation

The goal of any company is to sell, to get customers. Therefore, it is essential (in all businesses) to develop a sales and acquisition system for Leads.

Focusing your efforts on the actions described above to attract new users and maintain visits for longer in the online store or website should go hand in hand with customer acquisition systems and a strategy for accompanying the prospect or lead, during the different phases of the purchase process.

We must not forget that a high percentage of visits leave the website without buying, so it is important to dedicate efforts to create a database with the information of these users to implement advanced strategies and actions after attracting leads.

Reviewing our Leads Generation and Sales strategy is a perfect action that can be done via remote work. If you lack these types of strategies, it is the perfect time to implement them. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us at Kiwop.


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