What it is and how to incorporate Twitch into your digital strategy

Digital Marketing 01 November 2022

Twitch is the leading live streaming platform in the world and with the main trends that we find on the internet today. It is one of the first to reach young audiences and increasingly diverse audiences.

Although it started as a gaming platform, it now encompasses all kinds of sectors and services.

In Kiwop we are specialists in digital marketing and we can give you all kinds of advice so that your business has a very future projection, especially if you use platforms like this where we help you at all times.

Still do not know how the web that dominates the market of visualizations and live broadcasts works?

Well, do not stop reading, because this is what will help you design your digital marketing strategies with Twitch.

We’ll tell you everything!

What is Twitch?

Twitch is the largest live streaming platform in the world, and although it specializes in video game broadcasting, it offers more and more types of content. In 2021, it dominated the market for live video viewing and streaming.

In 2007, a website was created where four people broadcast live the life of one of them 24 hours a day, this was called Justin.tv. A short time later, anyone could live stream on this platform. When they started focusing on games it took off much faster. ✈

This success led them to create Twitch.tv in 2011 focused solely on games. Which didn’t take long to eclipse Justin.tv and it disappeared to unite resources on Twitch. Finally, Twitch was acquired by Amazon in 2014.

Twitch has an audience of 31 million visitors per day, in addition to the 8 million content creators who do direct. This is a platform mostly of millennials, since it goes from 16 years to 35, and the United States is the country with the most users.

This website has not stopped growing, so much so that a convention has been made to meet the streamers who are idols of so many people, play games and make competitions.

Do you want to know how this platform works? Read!

How does Twitch work?

We will tell you how Twitch works so that you can also take advantage of it in all your services. ✏

For starters, the purpose is simple, streamers make live in real time and communicate with their viewers through chat. Within the web we find an interface divided into 3 parts.

In the center of the screen you will see the live broadcasts of that moment along with a series of category recommendations and channels according to what you usually see. ▶

The top bar has the left part where it shows you a tab that says “following” where you will see all the news of the channels you follow. In addition to an “explore” tab that will discover new channels and three points that will facilitate the corporate and informative sections. In the upper center you will have the search engine and on the right you can check your rewards, notifications, messages …

In the left panel you will see the channels you follow and a series of recommendations.

These streams are free, although the subscription implies a monthly fee.

Streaming on Twitch

Why should you take all this into account?

When a live show is made, you can tag it with different categories so that they appear in search results and recommendations.

So you can also take advantage of it for your marketing campaigns. We’ll tell you how!

Why is Twitch useful in your digital marketing strategy?

The fact that this platform has more than 17 million visitors a day is what will cause that, if you use it for your digital marketing strategies, you have a great brand awareness.

It is a leader in the communication and social media sector. If you’re still not convinced, let us better explain what Twitch is and why it’s succeeding .

In addition to the fact that this social network is not as saturated as others ( Instagram or Facebook ), there are far fewer brands and companies that use Twitch to make themselves known. This will make users more receptive to promotions and ads.

It will also bring great value to broadcast live videos, because there will be an important interaction with users. Thanks to chat there is a close relationship between the content creator and his audience, thus creating a community.

The audience of this platform is growing exponentially. The sector of the population it reaches is increasingly broad, as it is able to reach the needs of everyone.

Will you miss this opportunity?

Take advantage of Twitch for your digital marketing strategies and take your business much further.

How to do digital marketing techniques on Twitch

One of the great digital marketing strategies is through video and live streaming platforms. With these you have the opportunity to generate groups and communities with which to have direct communication and with whom to interact in much more atypical events.

What better platform than Twitch, the busiest in the world right now. Do you want to have the tools to carry out your digital marketing strategies with it?

Here are 5 ways to do online marketing with Twitch!


The ads are carried out with the sponsors, these are the content creators with some reputation and have up to 8 minutes to insert ads in their channel.

We show you the 3 types!

The pre-roll

Pre-rolls are short pre-broadcast announcements .

The mid-roll

The mid-rolls are displayed during the broadcast.

The post-roll

The post-rolls are those seen at the end of the broadcast.

If you do not know where to start, check out our blog where we tell you the trends in video marketing this 2022.

Your own brand channel

You can create the content you prefer without having to go to those who share it. Create your own channel to broadcast events, raffles, interviews… This way you will see where your brand fits well and towards which target audience you should address.

Interviews or tutorials

Through your own channel you can do interviews and tutorials to create a community and interact with the public, much more than through other channels. You will give visibility to your brand and you will make yourself known to your audience. ✍

Marketing with influencers

Influencer marketing on Twitch works very similarly to other platforms like YouTube . The main difference is that the promotions are live and that gives you a limited margin in video, but opens the doors to other newer resources. For example, the brand and the person promoting the product can interact through the chat .

The most important thing about this strategy is to find the right partner. There are a number of factors you need to consider.

Number of followers

Content creators with more followers tend to make more ads, as they have more visibility. Even so, you should not rely only on that, because having a very wide audience is usually very diversified, so it is difficult to focus your attention.

Topics of interest

Keep in mind that more topics may spark interest in your channel, and not just the main topic.

Audience interaction

The most important thing is that you have an active community to be able to interact with them and make sure that it is positive.

Virtual Events

You always have the possibility to do online events created by you and sponsor a streamer to participate in them. As with influencer marketing, you must take into account many variables to choose that person who can represent you.

Virtual events on Twitch

You can now start using Twitch

It’s time for you to use Twitch for your digital marketing strategies. Let the streamer world know you and you’ll get your business off the ground like never before.

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Don’t hesitate and start Twitch in your business now!


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