What is the Digital Kit program and how it can help your company

Digital Marketing 23 December 2021

The Digital Kit program is a new commitment of the Government of Spain to help companies achieve a certain digital maturity. The aid is aimed, above all, at SMEs and even the self-employed who do not have a certain level of digitalization.

This program will have an investment of more than 3,000 million euros distributed from 2021 to 2023 to boost the growth and development of up to one million SMEs and stunners.

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The Digital Kit, a program to promote digitalization

With the arrival of the pandemic, the confinement and the rise of online shopping,many companies saw how their market model had become obsolete.

The Digital Kit aims to help all these small and medium-sized companies, as well as freelancers, to join the digitalization and incorporate their brand in this new business niche.

This programme will consist of two phases. The first of these is a call with an investment of 500 million euros aimed at SMEs with between 10 and 49 workers,and the bonus will be up to € 12,500. The second phase will help more than 1 million microenterprises and self-employed with an investment of 2,500 millions euros.

With this financial aid, companies will be able to contract the appropriate digital services to improve their digital presence: social media management, cybersecurity, internet presence, among others.

Why it’s so important to digitize your business

Make no mistake, the world is already digital, and everything that is said about a technological future has already arrived. At present, a website is a showcase,a online catalog are all the physical products that you show in your store, and the Social networks have become the best weapon to show your sympathy and win over new customers, in addition to loyalty to users who already visit you.

That is, if your company does not have a certain level of digitalization, it is likely that in the long run you will see a loss of customers and revenue. But do not panic, because with the Digital Kit you can get that help that drives you to work an online identity of your company.

With good digitalization, your company will grow in customers and turnover

And how do you work with good digitalization?

Usable web with an attractive design

The first thing is to have a web development that takes into account usability,that is, that is easy to use for all users, without forgetting an attractive design and according to the brand image, products and services.


SEO positioning is key to reaching as many users as possible. To do this, it takes into account what and how your target can look for you to always be in the first search results.

Social Media Strategy and Brand Identity

Social media needs a great strategy behind it, it’s not just posting a photo with a hashtag. Through them, the greatest bulk of communication with your target will be given. It is not necessary to be in all, choose those in which your target audience is and work on enhancing them.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising makes you competitive and even stay one step ahead of your competition. There are countless platforms where you can showcase your products and services, as well as your brand, to reach potential customers.

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Steps to follow to get the Digital Kit

In order for your company to be eligible for this digitization bonus,you must register on the Acelera Pyme portal to access all the procedures that appear.

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