What is the difference between digital and traditional marketing?

Content Marketing 18 February 2022

Surely you have heard many times about digital marketing and traditional marketing.

These two types of marketing have great similarities and, at the same time, multiple differences.

Do you want to know everything about them?

InKiwop, we explain everything about them.

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Introduction to marketing

Marketing consists of making a commercial strategy that is used to attract, retain and retain customers.

Initially, it was used to increase sales from strategies made in mass media.


Differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing

In this section, we are going to tell you the differences between traditional marketing vs online marketing.

Traditional marketing

It focuses its efforts on the direct sale of a product or service and is independent of the internet. This is intended to influence the purchase decision.

Traditional marketing communication is linear and the customer cannot interact with the advertiser.

Main communication channels of traditional marketing


Ads via voice messages


Run ads in major newspapers


Television ads campaigns are made


Promotion of certain products are made

Printed material

Printed papers are used to make a specific promotion


Large ads for a product

Points of sale

Promotion of a given product in the same establishment where it is marketed


The main problem we find with traditional marketing is that it is difficult to measure actions and be able to quantify how many people our message reaches.

In addition, traditional marketing requires a greater investment compared to digital marketing.

Advantages of traditional marketing

Great power of scope

The message that is issued reaches the vast majority of the population.

It is totally focused on the product

The campaigns are solely and exclusively focused on the sale of the product.

It is independent of the internet

Campaigns are done through conventional media and an Internet connection is not required.

Disadvantages of traditional marketing

Requires a large investment

To carry out traditional marketing campaigns, the investments in the campaigns are very high, and you can not modify your budget once the campaign is launched.

It’s not easy to measure its impact

With traditional marketing it is very difficult to make an exact calculation of the impact of the campaign, since we cannot measure exactly the people who have seen or heard our announcement, depending on where we do the campaign, and have bought the product or service in question.

It does not depend only on the company but also on the approval of other people on the content

This means that each campaign has to be designed and approved, both by the company that makes the marketing campaign and by the channel through which it is going to be broadcast.

Digital marketing

On the other hand, we find digital marketing that bases its strategy on using tools from the digital world to, in this way, achieve direct communication with users and meet their needs through the internet.

Online marketing uses a type of bilateral and interactive communication between user and brand. By this we mean that immediate interactions are allowed, through the different channels used, between the brand and the end customer, which makes it closer.

Digital marketing

The main channels that are used in digital marketing are the following ones


It is used both for the positioning of the website and to publish ads for products or services.


To make various promotions of products or services.


To make various promotions of products or services


It is basically used to solve doubts or inform of new products or services.


Company-related content is published, whether they are blog articles or job offers.

Advantages of digital marketing

Its reach is unlimited

You can reach all the people who have access to the internet without having to spend excessively on campaigns, as long as they are well-designed.

It always changes

Once a campaign is launched if we see that we do not have the expected results we can always modify it or even

Focuses on the user

One of the main advantages of digital marketing is that it puts the focus on the user, that is, before launching each campaign a complete study is done analysing.

Does not require third-party approval

Thanks to digital tools, such as Google Ads, you can plan your own campaigns yourself without having to depend on other people outside the company.

All actions can be measured

We can obtain results at the moment of whether the campaign is working well, the people who have been interested in the product or service that is promoted, the number of visits that have been obtained, the impact of the campaign, etc.

You can segment your audience

You can create different types of ads depending on the audience to whom each of them is directed.

Disadvantages of online marketing

Requires internet access

If you do not have access to the internet, no campaign can be carried out.

Requires the use of digital platforms

It is necessary to know and use the different digital tools to be able to make campaigns.

The union between traditional marketing and online marketing

Next, we will look at the importance of complementing digital marketing strategies with traditional marketing.

To begin with, we must be clear that each type of marketing offers us a different type of reach. So, depending on what our strategy is, we can complement them.

For example, if we have a physical store, and we want to increase our sales, a strategy of Traditional marketing would be to put a sign on the door of the store where discounts are announced and, this action could be complemented with a campaign of digital marketing offering the same discounts on our website.

In this way we will be able to reach more customers and achieve our goal. In this case, increased sales.

Plan your marketing strategies well and boost your business

Surely you have been able to understand the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing and its importance.

Now it’s your turn.

Analyze the advantages of each type of marketing, choose the one that best suits you to grow your business.

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