What is programmatic advertising and how to work with it

Digital Marketing 28 July 2023

Have you heard of programmatic advertising?

You already know that right now, if you don’t make yourself known through advertising, word of mouth or social networks, it is difficult to reach the target you are interested in.

That is why today, from
we come to talk to you about programmatic advertising. So you can learn all about it and get the most out of it.

Here we go!

What is programmatic advertising?

First of all, it is important that you know what programmatic advertising consists of, since it is something very new and recent that has been born in the digital advertising field.

Well, this is a type of advertising where you, as a company, can buy advertising space on the Internet to reach that audience that interests you so much.

To help you understand it better, let’s give you an example. Isn’t it true that years ago, the boom of the 2000s was television content or radio? The companies had to contact one by one with TV, radio stations or street billboards.

Billboards are an example of traditional advertising

Why did they do it? To be able to place their advertisements in one of these mass media that reach a large part of the general public.

But what has changed now? Times have changed a lot. On the one hand, we now have the Internet and social networks that have made it possible to reach many more people with more defined audiences or targets.

In addition, conventional media are losing strength compared to the digital world. That is why companies, in the world of advertising, come out on top.

How do you win? You may be wondering. Because now you don’t need to contact hundreds of companies one by one to place your ad. Simply, you have to make an automated purchase of spaces where you can place ads in digital media.

How programmatic advertising works

You already know that artificial intelligence can help you in many areas. And even more, if you want to focus on your
digital marketing strategies
to reach the maximum number of people you are looking for to stay with your services and products.

That is why with these new technologies, you can acquire the spaces that interest you through programmatic advertising that we are talking about.

But how exactly does it work? Well, to understand a little better how it works, it is important that you know all the terminology that is used during the process of making this type of advertising so new.

Therefore, you should understand that there are three types of programmatic advertising. Let’s see them!

Real-time supply

This is a public auction in which the price of the media inventory is determined. Therefore, it is one of the most beneficial ways to buy programmatic advertising.

The private market

This is the marketplace where selected advertisers can access, by means of an invitation that you must obtain.

Direct programming

When a publisher sells media inventory to one or more advertisers at a fixed cost per thousand (CPM).

Little by little you will learn more about this type of advertising that will help you grow. But, let’s see more…

In short, we tell you, so that you understand it a little better, the users that visit the web enter and, in real time, auctions are held where you can buy those spaces for your ads.

And, the person who wins those spaces, which will surely be your company, will be the one to show your ad on the web page where the users or clients are connected. Have you seen how fast it is?

The benefits of programmatic advertising

Didn’t we tell you before that the world is constantly changing, especially in terms of the way we communicate? This can be a great benefit for you and the ads you want to launch with your products and services.

If you still can’t think of what benefits and advantages you can get from this new advertising, let us tell you, how about focusing on your main target? Without having to go through an audience that is not interested in what you offer.

Well, with this advertising you can get it. By purchasing these advertising spaces on the Internet, you can customize which target you want to address or in which geographic area you want the ads to appear.

To help you understand it better, we will give you a very simple example. Let’s imagine you have a cosmetics company and you want to target a specific sector. Although it is for all types of people, the target that buys the most is women.

So, you will probably want to focus on women between the ages of 20 and 50, for example, in a specific geographic location, for example, in an entire autonomous community. 

Well, with programmatic advertising you can focus on that very specific target. You don’t need to make yourself known by conventional means and without knowing if you will reach the audience you are looking for.

Moreover, this whole process is much faster than you think. In the past, if a company wanted to place an ad, it might have to spend hours or even days to get the ad out there, not even knowing if it would be seen by the people to whom it was directed.

Now, the great advantage is that in a matter of minutes you can buy those spaces that interest you so much and focus on your marketing strategies in a more comprehensive way – you don’t have to go through procurement processes or proposals, quotes or denials.

Forget about all that and enter the new world of advertising.

Ah, but remember that to carry out this kind of strategies, it is very important that you have a team behind you that knows what they are talking about, since it is interesting to have a good organization to focus on what you need.

For this reason, we recommend that you rely on agencies specialized in
digital marketing
so that you can get the maximum benefit. For example, in
we are specialists in this field and we are always happy to advise you.

Discover some examples of programmatic advertising

Before you go, we want to show you some examples of programmatic advertising where you can get inspiration and choose what types of ads suit your style.

programmatic advertising
Advertising is basic to make yourself known

For example, banners are the most successful today. When a user makes a specific search (for example, marketing books that you want to sell), from that moment on, when future customers go to your website, they will see banners related to what they have searched for, including your products.

Now you know everything you need to know about programmatic advertising.

Now it’s your turn to boost your business with the publicity you want to make known. What are you waiting for to create the best banners?

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