What is content mapping and why do you need it?

Content Marketing 27 July 2022

In all areas that encompass digital marketing you need good planning and strategy. And, of course, we also talk about content marketing.

Content marketing is not just writing for the sake of writing, it is communicating, persuading, building loyalty… In short, all those things that you probably already know. And in order to carry out all these steps, it is essential to work with content mapping.

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What is a content map

The content map is a crucial tool for content marketing and even for Inbound marketing.

It is a document in the form of a graph, diagram or matrix that serves to show the way in which you are going to develop the content marketing strategy, taking into account the Sales Funnel.

In other words, it is a way of planning the communication and content strategy in advance for each moment of the user’s or customer’s life cycle.

What is content mapping for

And what is content mapping for? Well, basically, to plan, direct and optimize your strategy, and always taking into account the key moment in which the user is.

Thanks to content mapping, you will be able to identify and organize the content that your users want and need for each moment of the Sales Funnel or their life cycle.

This can help you to know what to do at each stage of the process and, above all, how to react to any unforeseen event, as well as knowing when it is the best time to communicate offers, promotions or services that will help you increase your sales.

On the other hand, content mapping helps you to offer a more unified digital communication in all areas of marketing, beyond content marketing, knowing what to say and how to say it for each channel, thus improving the relationship with the user and creating a community around your brand.

How to design a content map

But to carry out a proper content mapping that will really help you, you must take into account all these steps!

Build your Buyer Persona

If you haven’t defined your Buyer Persona yet, you’re late! A Buyer Persona is a general representation of your target, and to create it, you must imagine that it is a single person, or several, representing each sector of your target.

Interests, socio-demographic information, frustrations, how he/she navigates, how he/she buys… These are all factors that you must take into account when building it.

Once you have your Buyer Persona well defined, it will be much easier to know what they are interested in, how to capture their attention and at what time.

Define your Buyer Persona and the process they perform

Think relevant content

And this is where this second variant comes in. Work on relevant content! And it’s not just about what you say, but how you say it.

Each type of communication has several factors to take into account, such as what you say, what you really want to say, what you are looking for and how you convey this idea.

In addition, you should keep in mind that each content has to be adapted to the appropriate channel. A Reels will be perfect to communicate through Instagram, but if what you want is content on your website, you can also design a banner or landing page. It all depends on how and where!

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Take into account the life cycle or Sales Funnel

The third variant, and one of the most important, is to take into account the Sales Funnel. This will help you know which content to choose for each crucial moment of the user.

The Sales Funnel is divided into TOFU, MOFU and BOFU. The TOFU, or Top of the Funnel, is the attraction phase, so your content should focus  on attracting the user’s attention.

The MOFU, or Middle of the Funnel, is the research phase, that is to say, the moment in which the user continues searching for information having a clearer idea of what he/she wants. At this stage, content must be valuable and contain compelling information for the user.

The BOFU or Bottom of the Funnel, is the decision phase, in other words, the moment to attack! At this point, the ideal is to offer differentiating information about your brand, success stories, positive opinions, testimonials, etcetera.

The importance of the content map in your content marketing strategy

As we have seen, content mapping can help you achieve your objectives, knowing what and how to communicate and when to do it. And how can it help you within your digital marketing strategy? We’ll tell you about it!

Enables better analysis of your strategy

By thinking about the communication of each and every channel of your digital marketing strategy, it helps you to have a global view of everything and, of course, analyze it all together!

This will help you to see your content strategy unified, analyzing each step and working the content to give it a more global sense and according to your brand.

It will also help you see where there are possible faults and how to fix them quickly.

Helps you define your objectives

Another point in favor of incorporating content mapping in your strategy is the definition of your objectives. In order to know what to say, you must know why you should say it!

To do this, it is essential to define objectives based on what you want to achieve through content marketing.

Allows you to plan your content

Content mapping is, in essence, a planning of your content based on channels. Yes, we know we’ve already told you. But it also helps you reuse existing content and save valuable time.

And thanks to having absolutely everything planned, it is possible to take advantage of many types of communications for other channels or new concepts adapted to other platforms.

Plan the contents and channels in your content mapping

Helps you interpret and optimize results

And having everything well organized in graphs or diagrams is very useful when interpreting the results in the analysis. This way, you will be able to know what went wrong on which day, on which channel and why.

Knowing your mistakes, it is easier to fix them and optimize your strategy based on trial and error.

Create your own content mapping

If you already know all the advantages of creating a content mapping, don’t waste time and implement it in your strategy!

Now it’s your turn.

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