What is automated marketing and what is it for?

Digital Marketing 26 January 2022

Automated marketing has been growing since recent years. All those tasks that were once done manually and that today we see as easy because they are automated, but also those that are currently being automated, would not be possible without automated marketing.

Although it has advanced a lot the base remains the same, automate repetitive tasks and that if we did manually it would take a long time to facilitate the work and marketing in general.

From Kiwop, we have prepared this article with the digital marketing trends for 2022, and automated marketing is one of them. Are you going to miss it?

Introduction to automated marketing

Automated marketing started with email marketing,automating tasks that were tedious in order to gain time, efficiency, and data. All this process comes mainly from the last 25 years, which has been when automatic marketing has advanced the most.

Uses of automated marketing

Automatic classification of customers or users. Most software in the marketing automation market has this feature, such as HubSpot. Basically, it is to have the company’s customer list automated to make everything more comfortable and easier. From the organization of emails to the phone numbers.

Some of the most typical examples of automated marketing are, Lead Scoring, Lead Nurturing and Chat Bots.

Lead Scoring

If you have a minimally large database you may not be able to send personalized emails to each person, but you can create groups to see where each customer is in the funnel. Well, Lead Scoring is used for this, to “score” the clients of our database and thus be able to treat them in a more personalized and automated way according to the stage of the funnel they are.

We find different types of Leads Scoring.

Cold Lead

The one at the top of the sales funnel and the widest.

Qualified Leads

They are in the middle of the funnel and are leads who have already interacted with you, even a little.

Hot Lead

The most advanced of the sales funnel and that may be very interested in acquiring your product. This group can be treated with more aggressive and direct marketing.

Lead Nurturing

As the name suggests, Lead Nurturing means nurturing your contacts. And how is it done? Well, the simplest way is usually email, because you can send personalized messages.

That’s where automation comes in. You don’t have to send them one by one, but you can segment your customers to send those more personalized emails.

To choose how to segment we are going to base ourselves on Lead Scoring,so the two are very related.

Chat Bots

Another form of automated marketing. In recent years, you may have noticed how Chat Bots appear on many pages to give quick customer support. This allows you to have a 24-hour assistant giving automation to the most frequently asked questions. Although there are more and more complete Chat Bots that you may find it difficult to differentiate if you are talking to a person or a robot.

These are growing and constantly learning,and what they do is simulate human language with artificial intelligence.

Marketing Automation Chat Bots
Before reaching a person, the Chat Bot will have solved more than one doubt

Do you want to know more about Chat Bots? Here we tell you everything

Advantages of automated marketing

The biggest advantages of automated marketing are saving time and saving resources.

We gain time because we can get rid of tedious tasks such as sending emails one by one, classifying our list of clients, etc.

And we save resources, because we replace some functions such as first contact customer service, instead of having a person to solve frequently asked questions we can have a Chat Bot.

Marketing Automation Robot Hand
Robots make some tasks easier for us

Use automated marketing in your company

Now that you know how useful automated marketing can be, what are you waiting for to implement it in your company?

One of the implementations we do in Kiwop are chat bots for websites. If you want to have more information visit our services.

Remember that if you have any questions related to your business you can contact us. We will be delighted!

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Dare to use automated marketing!


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