What is a Community Manager?

Digital Marketing 04 March 2022

The complexity of community management in the 2.0 environment has generated the development of a trade with its own weight: Community Management.

This is one of the professions of today and that is increasingly frequent in companies or brands to keep their social networks active.

That’s why agencies like Kiwop offer marketing services so that your company is in the place it deserves.

At first glance, it seems easy but not everyone understands what the community manager does.

That’s why, at Kiwop, we offer to clarify those doubts that rumble in your head. Read on to delve a little deeper into this marketing sector! ⬇️

What is a Community Manager

The Community Manager is the digital marketing professional who is responsible for the management and development of the online community of a brand or company in its social networks, web, blogs …

The professional is responsible for communicating with the community, carries out the strategy of the contents, manages the actions …

A CM has multiple tasks.
The Community Manager manages the online community of a company

What are the differences between a Community Manager and a Social Media Manager

It is common to confuse the terms ”Community Manager” and ”Social Media Manager” and is that, in digital marketing, there is a large number of professions; for that very reason, below, let’s see what their main differences are between these two.

These are two different professional profiles but they complement each other in their work.

The Community Manager is in charge of:

On the other hand, the functions of the social media manager are:

Tasks of a Community Manager

Mentioned above in a superficial way, the tasks of a community manager are not few and, in addition, they are very varied. The most important are:

Create and manage the company’s social media profiles

Keeping networks updated and being constant is essential for your users to keep you in mind.

Plan publications for each network

Search or generate the contents and publish them at the most appropriate time to have more engagement and adapt them to each social network.

Interact with followers

This way, it’s easier to grow your community organically.

Do active listening

It is important to make users feel cared for. You have to review all the channels and respond to all your doubts or possible problems.

Check and periodically monitor the networks, monitoring them and making a report with the results

It is important to follow carefully the statistics of the company to be able to improve in the weak points and, thus, grow in the future.

Connect and create links with influencers or other companies in the sector

Establishing relationships with professionals in the sector can favor the company and helps to reach new users.

Manage the possible social media crises that may occur and take care of the reputation of the online company

It is an essential factor to keep the brand in its position and not harm it in possible crises.

Crisis management is fundamental.
Crisis management is a fundamental aspect to take care of the company’s reputation.

Mistakes to avoid as CM

It is important to monitor and avoid some actions so as not to harm customers. You should keep in mind that the brand account you manage is NOT yours so you can not treat it as such.

In each brand there is a style guide and values so you should NEVER give answers that do not agree with it.

As for publications, you should keep in mind some tips: the “fakes news” are increasingly present so before publishing any type of information, it must be ratified.

On the other hand, do not abuse hashtags. It’s important to analyze them and use the right ones in your niche.

The content must be varied; flee from “yoism”, talking only about the brand is boring for users. It provides valuable and varied content.

It is normal for mistakes to be made in order to learn from them. If you do not want to take this risk, you can ask for our services of experts in social networks to improve your profiles. And, in addition, we reveal which are the ideal social networks for your business. Don’t miss it!

Bet on having a community manager in your company

We hope that our explanation around this modern and necessary profession has helped you.

Now it’s your turn, are you going to want to implement this figure in your business?

If you have doubts or need help, we will not hesitate to do so.

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At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Go ahead and get the potential out of your social networks with great professionals in the sector.


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