What everyone should know about Symfony

Web Design and Development 17 June 2021

If there is one thing that characterizes life through the Internet, it is because it has been making our lives easier every time, and that is what Symfony does.

Years ago, at the beginning of web pages, to develop them they had to make them with all the code.

The Internet is evolving and Symfony has come with that evolution
With the evolution of things on the Internet, life is getting easier for us.

Obviously, that’s much more complicated and takes a lot longer: more resources of all kinds.

If you keep reading, we tell you more about this framework. ?

What is Symfony

It is a very complete and open source framework. Which helps you develop your web application by optimizing it.

With it, you can reach a high productivity, since you can optimize many features that with others you can not.

Features of Symfony

The defining characteristics of Symfony are:

With symfony the code you almost won't touch it
Don’t be afraid, with Symfony it’s simpler than it sounds

How the framework works

How does it work?

Through a browser, a client makes a request that is processed by the server code, which prepares a response to return to the client. All through the browser.

Symfony is at the moment that the response to the customer is prepared.

It also has the structure “Model View Controller” that helps teamwork and also becomes scalable.

The application may grow, but not the complexity of the code, it will grow alongside the application and alongside yourself. And it won’t be too complex for you.

Another way to explain it: Symfony works with routes that lead all to the same place, to the front control.

Advantages of Symfony vS other similar tools

Symfony is the best at its own, but we are based on a reality:

Reasons to use this framework

Symfony will be useful especially if you have an online business, since by developing your web application you will be able to reach more people on the smartphones of potential customers and the user experience will be improved.

It serves both to create web pages and web applications.

In Kiwop we use it mainly to develop pages, and pages that require a lot of power and customization.

So there we show you that it is not only for beginners, it is for everyone who wants to use it, gaining time and effort.

For all this and for what was said in the previous points, Symfony will be very useful.

Create your website with Symfony
You can create your website with Symfony

There are no more excuses, you know what Symfony is

We, at Kiwop, are experts in Symfony. We leave you here a link where we explain better what we do.

If you need a powerful and robust website, just contact us, and we will help you create it.

Working with Kiwop and Symfony together will be the most suitable solution you can have.

Contact us to help you manage the tool.

You can also follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on digital marketing and web development in general.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Go ahead and start developing your web application! ?


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