What can you work in digital marketing?

Digital Marketing 22 February 2022

With the rise of the internet, within digital marketing professions begin to become more specific.

That implies that more and more profiles are required to work in all the necessary areas.

Do you want to know what you can do within digital marketing? We tell you in this article.

What is digital marketing?

According to Phillip Kotler, known as the father of modern marketing, digital marketing is a set of activities executed on the internet with the aim of attracting new business and developing a brand identity.

Within all these activities, there are many different branches that influence these objectives.

And more with the speed at which the internet evolves! ‍♂️

Digital Marketing Agency
There are more and more digital marketing professionals.

Digital marketing as a profession is something that is still changing shape, that is, new specialties arise the more time passes.

And that means that more and more different and specialized profiles are demanded.

With the difficulties in making decisions that this entails…

Professions in digital marketing

There are some professions more “classic” than others, although if you work in digital marketing, the lines between them can be quite thin.

We discover them all!

1. Community Manager and Social Media Manager

It is one of the star professions of recent years, with the unstoppable growth of social networks.

This professional is in charge of establishing and managing the marketing plan within social networks and in general the online presence.

Hence, the name community manager, because it manages the online community.

Behind a CM, if it is a large company, there will always be a social media manager, which is in charge of executing the planning.

Executing the planning is usually taking care of the contents, responding to the users, etc.

2. SEO Consultant or Specialist

Within the relation to the website of a company or brand, it is one of the most important positions.

The SEO specialist is responsible for optimizing the website so that search engines position it in the top positions of the search results.

You will have to do web audits, keyword studies, optimization of the structure of the web…

It’s a slightly less creative job, but very rewarding to get results.

3. SEM Expert

If SEO is responsible for optimizing web pages and that they appear in searches, SEM forces that appearance through ads.

The SEM expert will be responsible for setting up all paid ad campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads.

Google Ads in the professions in digital marketing
Google Ads is one of the leading SEM platforms.

It is a relevant part of digital marketing, since there are many companies that require those paid ads to increase traffic to their websites, and also to get sales.

4. Content Producer

Do you like to write? Then this can be your profession in digital marketing. ✍

A content producer is, basically, the person in charge of writing the content of the blog, the copys of social networks (texts that accompany the publications)…

You can also refer to the people in charge of making the videos on social networks, for example.

It is located within the branch of content marketing.

5. ECommerce Expert

Physical stores are increasingly betting on having online sales services.

There are companies that are even found exclusively on the internet!

Knowing this, you can imagine that this type of business will need someone who knows exactly what is best for their website, in order to get sales.

The functions of the eCommerce expert can be the creation and implementation of a global strategy, the management of the organic positioning of the online store, optimizing the product sheets…

A very versatile marketing professional, in general.

6. Web Analyst or Data Analyst

One of the things you should never forget is that without analysis there is no possible planning, because you will work without data on which to base your decisions.

That’s where the digital marketing profession of the web analyst or data analyst has a place.

The web analyst is one of the most demanded professions in digital marketing
Web analysts are a highly demanded profession.

He is the person in charge of measuring web traffic, conversions, making reports, measuring the return on investment

It is not a very creative job, but it is ESSENTIAL for the decision-making of any company.

Some interesting courses for professions in digital marketing

One of the wonders of digital marketing is that it is easy to train online and there are a lot of courses available that will allow you to specialize.

Benowu and Google Activate offer two fairly comprehensive introductory courses, especially to understand the fundamentals of the profession.

The well-known Domestika platform also offers many very specific courses on digital marketing, so do not hesitate to investigate which one may interest you the most.

The IEBS also has a specific section of training in marketing, and another of training in social media.

Finally, the CIS, a school of design and marketing, offers digital marketing studies.

Dare to discover them and train!

Decide what you want to do

We hope you have been helped by our explanation about the different professions in digital marketing.

Now you can decide where to focus!

And if you have doubts, we will not hesitate to help you.

Contact us or follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on digital marketing.

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Decide what you’re passionate about! ♥


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