Visibility for your digital business: strategies to position yourself as an expert

Digital Marketing 15 January 2021

There are many elements that mark the success or failure of a digital business on social media. However, there is one that stands out above all of them: visibility.

If they don’t know you’re there, you won’t exist. If they don’t know what you’re selling, you won’t sell. If they don’t know what you’re offering, you’ll fail. And so on. Visibility is the fundamental element for the good development of your company.

Many times we try to offer good products or services, give a good deal to the customer and have competitive prices. However, we forget something: to make ourselves known and to make our brand visible. Without it, the brand will have no future.

You should be very mindd the need to have optimized your online presence and to know what strategies to use to achieve it.

If you reach the maximum number of users, you differ from the competition and your practices stand out above those of other companies, you will be optimizing your visibility.

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Here are the importance of getting to know you and we’ll give you 10 examples of strategies to improve the visibility of your online business on social media.

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Why is it important to have visibility?

Visibility is a key element for the good development of your brand. You must make yourself known, communicate who you are and what you do to improve your sales. If your customers see you’re there, so will they.

The ultimate goal of visibility is to get the most users to see you on social media and end up buying your products or services.

By optimizing visibility, you’ll be able to reach more audiences, sell more products or services, improve as a company and increase your profits. Which will be a guaranteed success.

Start with simple and brief actions to build the community around your brand. Once you give visibility and it grows, the difficulty of strategies increases.

10 visibility strategies for your online social media business

Determines planning

The first thing to do is to have a very defined planning. Set an editorial calendar for a period of time where you’re going to post, which social networks, which days, and which slots it’s most appropriate to hang the content in.

You need to set a few moments and a content style so your audience knows what you’re posting and usually when you’re publishing. This will track your post thread and increase visibility into your brand.

Determines planning
Practical example of social media planning

Create and publish engaging content

Once you get to know your audience well on every social media, create engaging content that’s of interest to you. If the tastes of your target are not reflected in your contents, you won’t get the results or visibility you want.

Post visual, eye-catching, and emotional content to make your business personality clear in every post. Practices such as social media stories, infographics or videos will increase interest in your business and, in this way, also your visibility.

Use original formats

One of the strategies for online business visibility is the use of original formats to engage more users, make us known and communicate what we do.

Unleash your creativity and create events, contests, tutorials or courses related to your company’s activity. Thus, you will help your environment, get more visible and have better results in search engines.

Use original formats
Practical example in Lizarrán

Develop alliances

This visibility strategy is very useful. Establish alliances with other companies, influencers or institutions. If you collaborate with other brands, you will both benefit from the results obtained.

By joining around a project the two user communities of each of the companies, you will increase the visibility of yours in their community and vice versa. In this way, a significant percentage of that audience will also become yours.

Influencers are very useful for this. Contact someone who may be related to your brand, create content that interests you, and publish it. Thus, you will be made known in other communities and you will be able to attract new users.

Create a blog to help you be a reference

This visibility that we intend should take place in a space where the brand and users are at ease and can easily relate. That’s why a blog is very useful.

Create a blog that is a reference for the content you post and where your customers can access it to learn more about you, contact you, ask yourself their questions and interact with you.

Create a blog to help you be a reference
Practical example in Kiwop

Play with expectation

One of the strategies that will greatly improve the visibility of your business is to play with expectation. Announce that you’ll be taking out a new product or service, moving forward information, or delivering content little by little.

In this way, you generate expectation among your community and you will be able to attract new users that interest them or generate curiosity the way you publish. You’ll trap your environment with quality content and leave them wanting more.

Make live videos on your social networks

Once you know the content that interests your community, make live videos on Facebook or Instagram. Show what you’re doing, content you’ll present, or activities to interact with your users.

Promise them in time and expose the live theme to your followers. This way, the visibility will be high and the results you’ll get as well.

Make live videos on your social networks
Practical example of influencer David Ryan

Create free content

The word free is the word everyone likes the most. That’s why you need to add free elements that encourage many users to hear from you and take an interest in your brand.

Generate free, exclusive content that interests your community of followers and is sharing the post to their contacts. This way, a simple strategy will increase your visibility.

Use advertising platforms

Advertising is one of the most used strategies to give visibility to your online business. Create content for ad platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Instagram Ads.

Here, you’ll get your language to your high percentage of your target audience that you didn’t know about your business. In addition, this custom tool allows you to segment and position to be able to make yourself as visible as possible.

Use advertising platforms
Practical example in

Perform networking

Another of the strategies to improve visibility is networking. Share your personal and professional tour with other experts and workers in your sector.

By contacting others and building business relationships, you’ll be able to create and develop business opportunities, share information, and search for customers. In this way, you will both give each other visibility.

Improve the visibility of your business on social media

You’ve already seen how important it is to make yourself known and let your potential customers know what you’re doing. In addition, we have shown you 10 strategies to improve the visibility of your online business on social networks.

Now it’s your turn.

Analyze what elements limit your visibility or what aspects to include on social platforms to make your e-commerce a success. Do not hesitate to implement all these practices that will be so useful to you.

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