Types of CMS for web development

Online Stores 11 June 2020

Having an online business means having a space to showcase your brand (your products, who you are, information about your company, valuable content, etc.) on the Internet. And if you need to create a corporate website or an online store for your business, one of the first decisions you have to make is the CMS in which you’re going to create it.

You’ve probably already heard about web content management systems, but do you know exactly what their meaning is, and what are the various advantages and disadvantages presented by the different types of CMS for web development?

In this article we want to talk in depth about what a CMS is and the main types of CMS for web development that exist, if you’re about to create a website and don’t know which CMS to use, keep reading.

types cms web development
Types of CMS for web development

At Kiwop, a web development agency,we specialize in creating websites and online stores and want to explain to you the CMS we know best.

What is a CMS?

The term CMS means “Content Management System”. A CMS is what we know as content management systems, or content managers for online websites. A content manager is a program to create and manage web content, mainly web pages and online stores.

A CMS system or content manager is used to create and manage the content of a website without having to have technical knowledge. The content manager allows the CMS admin user to access with their user and password and control one or more databases in an interface and make modifications to the content.

Here’s a detailed look at what types of CMS are the main cmS for web development by dividing them into two categories:

Types of CMS for web development

We’ll start with the CMS types for web development. At Kiwop we love the following:


WordPress is the most widespread and fastest growing web development platform today.

cms wordpress

Web development in WordPress provides functionality for all business needs. The WordPress functionalities aim to improve the visibility of your online brand and capture new opportunities efficiently.

WordPress is a perfect CMS to gain online visibility for the following reasons:

One advantage of WordPress is that if you want to start by creating a corporate website, and then you want to turn it into an online store, this CMS allows you to do it in a very simple way by installing the Woo Commerce plugin. If you need any assistance do not hesitate to contact us.


Drupal is one of the best CMS if you need to create a highly customized website.

It is important to mention that the Drupal CMS interface is more complex than the WordPress CMS interface. Installing Drupal is simple, but if you don’t know how to program it can be difficult to create a custom theme for your website, so we recommend hiring an experienced CMS Drupal developer to create your custom website.

cms drupal
CMS Drupal for web development

Like WordPress, the Drupal CMS offers many themes and extensions for customizing websites. With some technical knowledge you can choose the right theme for your website and get optimal results.

It should be mentioned that Drupal is one of the safest CMS. Due to a low user base compared to WordPress, it is much more secure than WordPress.

As for WPO (Website Performance and Speed) we should emphasize that Drupal does not consume many resources and should therefore become the first choice for those who want to create a website with thousands of pages.

CMS types for online stores

Next, we will share with you the main features of the CMS types for the web development of online stores that we dominate the most in Kiwop.


Magento is a perfect CMS for online stores that allows you to create and manage an ecommerce with maximum levels ofperformance.

The CMS Magento offers many functionalities and one of its main features is that it is an open source platform, which allows to offer many alternatives to companies that want to create an ecommerce for online sale.

magento cms
Magento, the ferrari of online stores

Magento is a most secure and powerful platform that allows you to manage a large amount of content and offers maximum customization capability.

As a content manager, Magento is the best option to be in the online market, allowing your online store to grow hand in hand with your business. It is a CMS is very easy to use that once created, can be managed without the help of a programmer.

At Kiwop we are experts in Magento, if you want to learn more about this powerful platform, click here.


Prestashop is an eCommerce CMS that allows you to enjoy numerous advanced features and manage products in a senzilla way.

Prestashop is a more affordable CMS in terms of prices than the Magento CMS, if your store doesn’t require too many advanced features or high customization, Prestashop is a type of CMS that can fully meet your needs.

prestashop cms
Prestashop CMS for online stores

In addition, Prestashop is a senzillo CMS to use without the help of a programmer.


Shopify is a CMS for eCommerce that allows the web development of online stores and that once created, do not require programming knowledge.

This is a CMS that also facilitates administrator management tasks. In our opinion, Shopify is a less powerful CMS than Magento and Prestashop, and involves a commission for every sale, but still, we believe it is among the top three CMS options for developing an online store.

We hope this article has clarified the concept of CMS and provided useful information on what types of CMS are for web development. If you want more information about our prices, or receive a personalized and tailored proposal for the creation of your website or online store, in Kiwop, your web development agency,we can help you.


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