The internet of behaviours and how it will affect digital marketing

News 15 March 2022

Technologies are evolving at an alarming speed, introducing new terms such as the internet of behaviours.

It is undeniable that the internet has radically changed the way of doing marketing, expanding through its own new disciplines.

Do you want to know exactly what all this means? Keep reading until the end.

What is the internet of behaviours?

Super connectivity of devices today implies a great capacity for data collection and processing.

The TV, the washing machine, the mobile… Everything is connected to the internet now.

Internet of behaviours evolves precisely from the old internet of things; the main cause of this connectivity.

The previous term, (IOT), intended that all the devices of everyday life had internet to make our lives easier.

Fiber optics, the improvement that allowed the internet of behaviour
Implementation of fiber optics has been what has allowed this change.

The connection between this two is basically that thanks to those connected devices and the collection of data, you can know exactly the behavior of each individual.

But you don’t need to get paranoid!

It really allows for greater personalization of everything from the most effective route home to Instagram ads.

Although, they probably don’t know what your name is.

Benefits of the internet of behaviours

Apparently knowing your behavior can be alarming, in reality this trend has its benefits.

1. Study of habits

The greatest benefit of the internet of behaviours is the ability to study the habits of buying or consuming services and products.

This can be done thanks to the collection of data such as the time of purchase, the frequency of purchase, among many other things.

Well, that applies to a very massive level, thanks to the connectivity of all devices, and allows extracting specific data from each consumer.

2. Data analysis

All data, collected in bulk, are stored at high speed in the corresponding databases.

Databases allow you to store information in an orderly manner.

Then there are systems that allow analyzing data and establishing relationships between, for example, age groups and attitudes and behaviors about products or services.

This makes it easier to know the positioning of the brand for specific targets!

3. Obtaining specific information

Information can be obtained about the entire purchase process of a user.

Where they have contact for the first time with the product, how long it takes until they decide to go to the purchase page, how long they stay on it, all the steps they take until they complete the purchase…

These things allow us to know what motivates or slows consumers down from performing certain actions, not only buying, but other useful things such as signing up for the newsletter.

4. Do it all in real time

Being constantly connected to the internet, all this information exchange, data collection and storage happens in real time.

The only thing that doesn’t have to happen in real time can be the analysis, because it can be done at any time you decide.

You can get all the data you need anytime you need it.

5. Fast problem solving

This benefit is linked to the previous one, since by obtaining all the data in real time, the pertinent corrections can be made.

The internet of behaviours allows you to detect and solve problems quickly.

For example, if you detect that there are many people who add the products to the cart, but finally do not make the purchase, you will be able to know why it happens, and you can fix it.

The internet of behaviours allows you to act as quickly as possible.

How the Internet of Behaviours Will Change Marketing

After all that we have explained to you… Do you still have doubts?

The internet of behaviours will allow for a lot of things.

This means you will be able to adapt the offer to your customers or consumers in real time, making your brand something unique and personalized for each individual.

You can even automate it!

It will also allow you to detect errors in any aspect of your business, and correct them in record time.

If you want to put ads on the internet, they will always be personalized and will only appear to your specific target, and all automatically.

And this is only the beginning, since, like all technologies, there is still much to evolve and discover.

Enter the internet of behaviours

Now you know what the internet of behaviours is.

If you have doubts, you can always consult us.

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Start using the internet of behaviours!


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