The essential KPIs that you have to measure in your e-commerce

Digital Marketing 27 April 2022

KPIs help to set, define and measure whether the objectives previously established for a website or platform are being met.

KPIs in an e-commerce are essential to know if your business arouses the interest of your target and is growing or, on the contrary, generates losses.

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What is a KPI and an e-commerce

Before getting into what is important, it is necessary to emphasize that it is not the same to talk about metrics than KPIs.

KPIs are key performance indicators, as their name suggests; Key Performance Indicators. Metrics, on the other hand, are numbers and percentages that inform us of concrete data.

KPIs are usually a set of metrics grouped together to measure specific results. The great advantage is that you can mark multiple KPIs depending on the objectives you want to follow and measure in your e-commerce.

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5 essential KPIs in an e-commerce

As we have said, there are multiple varieties of KPIs, but in this Blog we are going to show you those most important KPIs for your e-commerce.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate allows you to know, in an easy and fast way, the percentage of sales in your e-commerce.

To know the conversion rate you must divide the number of sales by the number of visits in your e-commerce and multiply that result by a hundred.

Conversion rate (%) = (Number of sales / Number of visits) x 100

Acceptance rate

The acceptance rate is obtained by dividing the number of completed sales by the number of orders, multiplying this result by a hundred.

This KPI helps us to know how many orders end up being placed. This way, you can observe user behavior.

Acceptance rate (%) = (Sales completed / Number of orders) x 100

Return on Investment (ROI)

The return on investment or ROI is one of the most important KPIs for your e-commerce, and it provides you with information about the total profit of your business.

To know the ROI, you must divide the sum of the income by the cost, then you must divide the result by the cost and multiply by a hundred.

Formula for calculating ROI.
Formula for calculating ROI.

Acquisition Cost per Customer (CAC)

The CAC offers information about how much money a customer or purchase costs, that is, how much you are paying in your business for each customer who buys in your e-commerce.

To know this data you must divide the number of investments made during the strategy among the clients captured.

CAC (€) = Sum of strategy investments / Number of clients

Average Ticket

The average ticket offers the average data of how much they spend on each purchase of your e-commerce.

To obtain this data you must divide the total invoice value by the number of orders.

Average ticket (€) = Total value invoiced / Number of orders

How KPIs help in a marketing strategy

As we have mentioned, the KPIs in your e-commerce allow you to interpret the data quickly and easily. And how important is this? Well, a lot, because thanks to all that information collected we can know key aspects such as user behavior, if something is failing on the web, if you should invest more or less or if this investment is profitable.

Thanks to KPIs, and knowing how to interpret them correctly, you can make decisions to continuously optimize your digital marketing strategy and get closer to the objectives you are looking for.

KPIs help you improve your e-commerce

Define and measure your e-commerce with KPIs

There are countless KPIs of the most useful to know the operation and the possibilities of improvement of your e-commerce.

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