The Email Marketing strategy to win subscribers you need to know

Digital Marketing 31 July 2020

Email marketing: the eternal forgotten, but tireless source of revenue at once.

As we mentioned in this article,this marketing technique is not dead. Emails haven’t gone out of fashion.

And you need to know how to define a minimum viable strategy to get good results with your online business.

Many think that an email marketing strategy is simply to send a newsletter from time to time and that’s it.

No, he’s not.

If you want your emails to sell, you need to go one step further.

At Kiwop we want to shed some light on this topic and that’s why we’ve prepared this article for you.

When you finish reading it, you will have a better idea of what are the essential elements in the recruitment process and you will see an example of recruitment strategy.

We hope you find it useful and you can start designing your first strategies well soon.

Let’s go! 🙂

First step in an email marketing strategy: email recruitment

Email marketing is a super powerful weapon for almost every industry. Dentists, physiotherapists, e-commerce, bloggers of any kind, pharmacies need it.

And everyone has to consider a basic element: if they want to do email marketing, they need people on their lists to send the messages to.

So, here we find the first test to overcome: get subscribers.

To do this, let’s start at the beginning.

Imagine that you already have your website mounted and working. You’re getting visitors. These come from different sites, such as Facebook and Instagram Ads, from organic Google search(SEO),advertising through Google Ads(SEM),from other websites that have put a link on their website to yours, etc.

Of these visitors, many leave without doing anything. But there are some who are interested in what you’re telling them, and decide to leave you their data through squeeze pages, opt-in forms, etc.

From here, you put them in your email marketing system and try to turn them into buyers. The idea is that after X emails that you have sent them, they end up buying your product or service.

We mentioned before some words that you may not know: squeeze page, opt-in…

Well, we have good news and bad news.

The bad news: if you don’t know these concepts, you won’t know how to assemble your email marketing strategy efficiently because you won’t understand the different steps and elements.

And the good news: here’s a mini glossary for you to master these concepts perfectly and don’t miss a thing.

The essentials for email collection

When it comes to capturing emails from subscribers, different elements come into play. They are not used all at once, they are combined according to the situation, the sector, etc.

Here we leave you the most important ones. Then you’ll decide which ones to implement in your strategy.

Squeeze Page example
Example of a lead magnet in an email marketing strategy
Example of lead magnet
Example of a confirmation page in email marketing
Confirmation page example

The minimum viable strategy for getting subscribers

Well, now you know the most relevant terms in an email marketing strategy.

We move on to the next level: how do we get most of our visitors from visitors to subscribers?

Get ready, because we’re going to unveil the minimum viable strategy to get subscribers and make your subscription list stop growing

Example of home with squeeze page at the beginning
Squeeze Page example integrated into the first part of the Home
Example of tripwire in email marketing
Tripwire example with counter

Hit your Email Marketing list and start earning subscribers

We hope you now have a little clearer how to get started in the world of email marketing and start having subscribers.

We recommend that you focus first on growing your list. When you have a considerable number, it’s time to start with real emails.

You have already seen that there are different elements to consider, and that you will have to produce quality content or services to attract the attention of potential people interested in what you do.
If you think it will take a long time to create these contents, we recommend that you delegate it to third parties. At Kiwop we specialize in content creation and email marketing strategies, so if you need a hand, here we are here to help 🙂 you.

Thank you so much for reading us!


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