The best loyalty strategies in email marketing

Digital Marketing 31 March 2021

The exact definition of “email marketing” would be to send emails to a database that could be your potential customers.

It is an online communication strategy within direct marketing.

Email is an ideal channel to reach, very efficiently, our target.

Include email marketing in your content strategy
Include email marketing in your strategy

What do you expect to add email marketing to your content marketing strategy?

Importance of loyalty strategies in email marketing

Including email marketing in your content marketing strategy will help you retain your potential customers (to be loyal) and in turn accompany you throughout the funnel until they buy us, in a cyclical and looping way.

It will be important because it will bring us a number of benefits.

Here’s a list of data and benefits this strategy will bring you:

Retains customers and retains them
The point is that you hold your customers and trust them

Tips for loyalty strategies in email marketing

But before we start implementing the strategy, we give you some tips to do better:

Make your email marketing shipments open and read
Prepare your email marketing strategy well

Types of loyalty strategies in email marketing

Now yes, then you will have different strategies in terms of email marketing, choose the ones that best suit your business.

Anniversary or birthday rewards

With this type of rewards communication is customized, users are recognized, and we make them feel special.

You can make this email with his birthday (if you gave us that data when you registered) or with the anniversary (birthday one year you registered in our database, for example).

We may personalize the content by including interactions you have had with us or by using data you have been providing to us throughout our relationship with you.

An example of this type of strategy: Tagliatella. The restaurant sends emails to your contact base when it’s the customer’s birthday, or by holding him 20 euros off restaurants for more than 40 euros spent on site.

example of tagliatella's birthday mailing strategy
Example of Tagliatella’s birthday strategy

VIP Programs

When a person registers for a VIP program, they do so because that way they will feel special.

They’ll link you to special and exclusive benefits.

Apart from loyal customers, it is a good way to attract new ones, because it will attract them the attention to be able to be VIP and have exclusive discounts on a product that interests them.

An online store that performs this strategy is GAME. You can become a partner in which by shopping they give you points that you can use in the future to pay with them. In addition to receiving exclusive offers.

In the following screenshot we see an invoice email in which thanks to the points the order came out practically free.

Example of GAME Point VIP Program Mailing Strategy
Game example of program strategy by point

Welcome emails

When registering, users are already waiting for this email. Therefore, you will have a very high opening rate, take advantage of it and do not let it pass.

In this first email you can explain how they will be able to extract benefits from your product, and that they can be viewed with it.

Being the first has to be useful, eye-catching and talk to you in a friendlyway.

In the following example HBO speaks to me amicably telling me everything I’m going to be able to see with them.

example of a mailing strategy on how to tell you the benefits of HBO
HBO welcome email example explaining what the customer will enjoy

Flexible rewards

It has been shown that users love to be able to choose.

If you offer them different options for the reward, their user experience will improve.

That will involve more customization. As you can see, with these kinds of strategies what we are putting the user all the time in the center as we mentioned above.

Ask for reviews

After a service offered, you can email them requesting that they tell you what they thought of your product or service.

It doesn’t matter if the review is positive or negative, if they tell you (the response rate is usually low) you will be able to get to know your client better and also get to know you better as a company and even the product you sell.

By getting to know the customer better you will be able to improve the customization of the communication and in turn improve aspects of your product that are failing.

As we’ve told you, the response rate usually has low numbers, so that they improve, you can offer rewards by doing so.

Amazon does this very well, after each purchase, it emails you with a mini questionnaire asking your opinion about the product you have purchased.

example of a mailing strategy to request amazon reviews
Amazon review request strategy


With newsletter submissions you will be able to improve branding, because in this way they will always keep you in their minds.

You will feel updated. But keep in mind that those shipments have to be good and really grow branding.

Below is an example newsletter in which he tells you that he will explain in more detail if you enter the articles that he tells you.

newsletter example
Newsletter example

There are multiple strategies that allow you to perform email marketing to retain customers, here we have told you a few.

A few more: automating submissions (reminders such as when the day a course starts approaches), making seasonal shipments (on more sensitive dates such as Father’s or Mother’s Day), providing them with quality content, gamification (content with games), etc.

Add email marketing to your strategy to retain your customers

If you want more information about newsletters, tools for email marketing, etc. do not hesitate to enter another article of ours.

Here’s why it’s so important, some tips and possible strategies to develop for it.

Now it’s your turn.

If you need help at Kiwop we will be happy to offer you.

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Come on, start creating emails and retaining customers!


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