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Digital Marketing 20 April 2021

Because of the pandemic, e-commerce has soared, according to iebschool.

In fact, Spaniards are the ones who have increased their online consumption the most, exactly 67%.

online shopping
Online shopping has increased in Spain in the last year

Don’t you really want to take advantage of and set up your online store, with Shopify?

What is Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce manager.

But not just any manager, he’s CMS’s leader in creating online stores.

ecommerce shopify
Create your shop online at Shopify

It was founded by some Canadian boys in 2006, and they did so because they wanted to create an online store of snowboard products and found no easy platform to do so.

If the means to reach your end does not exist, why not create it?

They were improving their functionalities and launching APIs and app for mobile, and began to grow like foam.

We believe that the success of this is the ease with which you can start creating your online store, in addition to the advantages it has over other CMSs that we tell you later.

How Shopify works

One of its keys is the ease of building your online store, plus the interface is very intuitive and facilitates trade management work.

It consists of a few very simple steps:

  1. You choose a domain for the e-commerce website

  2. Choose the rate, whether you want it monthly or yearly and with how many features

  3. Choose a template (free or paid), if you are undecided and perfectionist, you can spend some time, because they have more than 100 templates

  4. Customize the design within the template, the more personalized the better

  5. Add the features that best suit your e-commerce

  6. And finally, start uploading the products you want to sell.

choose the domain of your online store on shopify
Choose your online store domain at Shopify

As you can see, at first glance it seems easy to do, but it always comes in ? help from a digital marketing agency ?.

We are experts in this platform, in the development of e-commerce in Shopify.

One of the steps is to choose the rate, in Shopify you have different depending on your needs.

Shopify price rate
Different Shopify price rates

To get started, you can take a free trial for 14 days to see if Shopify fits your online business.

Then they have the basic plan for 24 euros per month, which has certain limitations such as: you are discounted 2% commission, and you only have 1GB to store. However, you have no restrictions on uploading products.

As an intermediate, you have the Shopify plan for 66 euros per month. You have 4 GB more storage (i.e. 5 in total), and you’ll have to pay per transaction only 1%.

And the advanced plan for about € 250 per month. No commissions or GB limits and many more features. We advise you to hire this only if you are a big company.

Benefits of using this e-commerce platform

The advantages that this e-commerce management platform can bring you are extensive, here are some:

Safety and speed of loading

They are the main ones, the ones that contribute the most value when it comes to differentiating with the competition.

Regarding security, Shopify is Certified Level 1 compliant with PCI standards.

And it uses a type of 128-bit encryption that ensures that all your personal data and bank details are more secure than the country’s gold.

In addition, it promises not to “traffic” with personal data.

Shopify guarantees you security with your data
Shopify guarantees you security with your data

And the speed of charging that is very important, because a few more seconds of charging can mean abandoning potential customers, who get tired of waiting.

If with these 2 aspects, which are the most important, we have not convinced you … He hopes it has more advantages.

Store management

This factor has been made clear when we have told you the steps to create the online store, but in addition to the creation, the subsequent management is also very simple.

You can start selling right away.

Customer service

Shopify offers 24/7 support.

Whether by mail, forums or chat. They even have phone support.

Free courses are available to help you manage the store.


What you pay, in your rate, includes hosting.

Forget about hiring it on your own and worrying about charging speed, take care of everything Shopify.

Metric tracking

If you pay a little more, you will be able to have the statistics of your customers.

That way, you’ll be able to analyze metrics and see opportunities for improvement in your sales strategy.

The platform also creates reports to observe customer behavior and be able to focus marketing communication correctly.

Many ways to pay

The platform allows you to pay with different currencies, so it will be easy for you to sell outside your country for this reason.

Different ways to pay at Shopify
Shopify allows you to pay with more than 70 currencies

Automatic taxes

This is an enjoy, because that’s how you forget.

Shopify handles taxes by analyzing the location.

Integration with other product sites

If you have your products uploaded to other apps like Inventory Source or Ordoro, it’s okay, because Shopify integrates them to control the online store from a single website.

Manage orders quickly

Each time you receive an order, they will email you.

And orders for customers will be accepted very quickly, which improves the customer experience.

No product limit

Unless you have the trial fee, you can upload the products you want to Shopify without any restrictions.

Solutions so they don’t get distracted by buying

It has been shown that most online customers leave the cart because they are easily distracted.

Online shopping cart
Make sure your users don’t forget the purchase stored in the cart

Shopify offers solutions to remind you that they can finish the purchase they have stored in the cart.

Responsive web design

Shopify is adapted for mobiles in both ways:

You can work the SEO

On the platform you can find sites where you can apply SEO techniques to improve SEO positioning.

Apart from it offering you the option to create a blog, you can also apply it in the title, URL, meta descriptions, etc.

In addition, Shopify is related to Adwords, so in your rate will include a balance to invest in advertising in search engines.

All for potential customers to find you better and faster.

Create an online store on Shopify and increase your sales

With Shopify, it will be easy and fast, as well as safe.

While setup may seem easy, it’s never too easy for them to help you with your sales strategy.

And at Kiwop we are experts in e-commerce platforms and especially Shopify.

Contact us if you need help, or follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on e-commerce.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Don’t think about it anymore and Start uploading products to sell! 🙂


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