How SEMrush can help you in your SEM campaign

Digital Marketing 15 December 2021

Surely if you move in the world of digital marketing you have heard of SEMrush.

If you have not done so, do not worry, we explain what this powerful software tool is that helps us analyze the market in which we move, what position we and our competition are in, and helps us get ideas to improve our SEM.

From Kiwop,we want to show you in more detail this tool. Therefore, we recommend that you stay reading with us to learn more about this powerful tool.

All this we tell you below!

What is SEMrush

SEMrush is a software that uses Growth Hacking to analyze keywords, terms and domains and help companies analyze the market. It’s a paid tool,but it lets you use it for free with a daily limit.

With SEMrush we can improve our SEM campaigns

How SEMrush works

This tool helps us research for both SEO and SEM.

We will see a very intuitive platform with a search engine that will let us enter a domain, a URL or a keyword, and will give us a summary of what position we are in, organic and paid traffic, backlinks, keywords and much more.

Then, we can delve deeper into what we want with its functionalities.

Useful features for SEM

Keyword research

One of the main functions of SEMrush and the most powerful. It will help us find the keywords that best suit us or that can work best, reaching the most detailed analysis of each term, each URL or each market in which we are researching.

This search serves us not only for SEO but also for SEM positioning.

It is true that normally for Google Ads we can use the tool itself for this type of research, but the advantage of SEMrush is that everything is unified and you are comparing with the competition from the same source.

View ad creatives

In the advertising section, we can see the creatives of the search network. We filter the term we want and it will show us the ads that SEMrush has registered with those terms.

Video and display ads

This relatively new feature shows us in different tabs the display ads, showing a summary, the ads and the landing page.

Find out more about what SEMrush is and how it works.

Advantages of using SEMrush for your SEM campaign

SEMrush provides us with many advantages and we consider that if your company needs it, it can be an important tool to help you.

All the tools in one

One of the biggest advantages that SEMrush has is the unification of all the tools on the platform.

You can see summaries, graphs, keywords and a lot of functionalities offered by this tool, which means a simplification of the research.

SEMrush: the essential tool for your SEM campaign
SEMrush offers us a multitude of functionalities

Helps you improve SEM campaigns

SEMrush is a powerful tool to organize and deepen our SEM campaigns. It has a huge database of keywords that helps you find, from the most used keywords to the most specific.

It also has an advertising section, where you can see the ads that are active for the domain or word you’re researching.

All these functionalities will help us to SEM positioning.

See what your competition does

Apart from what your client can provide you, which is most likely very clear who their competition is,with SEMrush we can investigate who they are and what they are doing.

We can directly see a domain or see the sector from a term or a keyword, and it will show us the main competitors in PPC that surround it allowing us to see the advertising and the words they are using.

Researching the competitors of organic positioning will also be very useful to know what words they are using for their positioning, and see which ones we can use for our SEM campaigns.

New market segments

With all this information we can find segments in which to focus our campaigns, as well as keywords or markets relevant to our business or Startup, increasing the qualified traffic we can reach.

SEMrush: the essential tool for your SEM campaign
With SEMrush information we can target qualified traffic

SEMrush, a very complete tool

We have made a summary of the most important sections of SEMrush that can be useful for SEM.

With all this we can see that SEMrush is a very complete tool and that, if we can afford it, it is worth having it in our list of payment tools.

From Kiwop, we recommend this tool for the SEM of your business, improve positioning and be more competitive.

Start using SEMrush to improve your SEM campaigns

We have told you what it is, what it can bring you, the prices it has and its functionalities.

Now you have to decide if you want to hire him or better go with an agency.

Contact us if you need help with your online strategy or follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on how to use SEMrush for SEM.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Sign up for SEMrush and start improving your SEM!


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