Myths and truths about web development

Web Design and Development 01 November 2022

Do you know what web development is? Do you understand how to use it? Do you need to develop web pages and do not know how to do it?

Having a good web development for your website is the main pillar to be able to advertise on the Internet.

At Kiwop, we are experts in web development, and we are going to tell you all about web development.


What is web development

Web development is all about all the structural code of a web page using web languages such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python, SQL and many others. So all these languages serve to make the website functional.

All of these languages have different keywords, tags, and structure. For example, HTML uses the tag “h1 Title</h1>>” for titles and PHP uses “;” at the end of each statement and also “if (conditions){declarations}”< for conditional statements.

So to be a good web developer you have to learn all these elements of these languages and not confuse them.

By the other hand, there is the design, that is worked principally with CSS, and it makes webpages to look beautiful and not as a disorganized group of content. Anyway, CSS, even if it is of design, is implemented by the web developer, following the steps of the web designer.

What is web development for?

Now that you know a little about web development languages, it’s time to know what each programming language is for.

Although in the past HTML had many design features, now HTML still has them, but they are becoming obsolete, since the design is being separated towards the CSS language.

If you tried to develop a page with pure HTML (with poor design) and with the programming languages you require, it would be very flat, as you would remember a page from the 90s, although it would work anyway and still have all the content.

With this tool, you can change the color and position of any HTML element, have colors with gradients and moving, add margins and spacing, navigation bars, menus and submenus, add borders and modify them to your liking, change the font and its format, insert an image slider…

You can really do whatever you want, although, if you want your design to vary depending on the user, there you will require a programming language.

For example, a website that has a session system, in which there will be users, passwords and permissions, will require a programming language to carry it out.

In addition, if you want to add users and passwords automatically, a database will be required to store them, using a database language such as SQL, although it can always be done manually, writing a list in the programming code.

Programming languages are also very useful for automating actions, such as writing a list of 100 rows; You just have to insert a loop, and it is done right away.

4 Web Development Platforms You Should Know

You can perfectly develop your website with just code, but there are many alternatives that require few or no code. Welcome to the world of Content Management Systems (CMS).

Platforms such as WordPress and PrestaShop have different characteristics and different strong and weak points which they are destined for. We show them to you:

WordPress development

WordPress is a CMS that since its origins has been focused on the creation of Blogs, although it has evolved until you have the possibility to even create your own online store.

WordPress, in addition to being free, has many templates to have a starting point in the design.

The bad part of this content management system is that when inserting many plugins to increase the functionalities, it is common for some compatibility problem to be generated between them, altering the operation of a web page, so you have to be careful with it.

More information about WordPress? Make a web with WordPress from 0.

Drupal development

Drupal is a very secure and robust development environment and is more focused on users with advanced knowledge about web development, although, in any case, it can be used without previous knowledge, since most basic functionalities are intuitive and easy to use.

In addition, Drupal has native SEO and commercial functionalities.

As a disadvantage, if an advanced task is required using Drupal, it requires having previous acknowledge about web development, in addition to a familiarization with the Drupal space.

PrestaShop development

This CMS already by its name can be intuited that it is focused on stores, and that is true.

For example, a strong point of PrestaShop are its native modules focused on digital commerce, and some of them allow you to manage a wide variety of currencies, taxes and languages, in order to sell your product or service in a simpler way.

Other strengths are that, in addition to the fact that the learning curve of PrestaShop is low, it is also highly customizable by the large number of people who make up its community, which, by making modules, these will make it possible to do practically what you want in PrestaShop.

The negative part of PrestaShop is that if you wanted to set up a large store, Prestashop does not have the necessary robustness to be able to support such a large store, with many items and traffic.

In Kiwop we are experts in PrestaShop. Don’t doubt in calling us!

Magento development

Magento, like PrestaShop, is meant to create your digital store, but unlike it, this one is intended for large stores.

Magento has SEO and native analytics, in addition to having such a high degree of customization, that you can even insert development, design or programming code.

As a fact, although Magento is free, you can also purchase the Enterprise license, to get excellent customer service, if the status of your website is important and hangs by a thread constantly.

The bad side of Magento is that there is a very large learning curve and that so many options can overwhelm the web developer.

More information about Magento? We tell you 5 secrets about Magento.

Myths and truths about web development

Now that you have a good base about web development, we are going to tell you some myths and truths about web development.

1. It is just necessary to optimize the webpages for PC

For several years now, browsing web pages on phones has surpassed computers, so forgetting about that large sector of the market would be losing a lot of traffic and sales.

Although such a truth exists, there is still a large size of people who ignore it, and think that computers are the great niche market to attract.

Even with that, we shouldn’t focus just in 1 type of dispositive, but it is better to make our webpages to have a responsive design, for then to make them adapt to the dimensions of the devices.

2. A beautiful and effective webpage is all needed

Even if you have a website with a spectacular design and even if you have a website with a great structure and programming that makes your website have a lot of different functionalities, that is not enough to attract people to your website.

To increase traffic to your website, it is also important to use SEO positioning. This is about positioning in the list of search results in the search engine the web pages of your website with the use of tools such as Meta-title and Meta-description, keywords and internal links.

Thus, search engines such as Google, when analyzing the quality SEO of your web pages, it will place your web pages in a highest position, in addition to that, by using keywords, you are inserting words that potential users are also searching for, thus coming out even higher in the list of pages in the search.

Do you want to know more about SEO? In Kiwop, we are experts. Contact us!

3. You do not need help to make your website

Unless you already have previous studies on web development and design, creating your website from 0 without any knowledge would not help you save money or headaches.

A company or professionals in the web development and design sector are the ideal option, because not any random person can create a professional and functional website that also has a good SEO or SEM.

Think of it as a long-term investment: you take care of running the business, and the web development and design professionals are responsible, with all their knowledge, to make your website perfect.

These professionals can also take care of your social networks of the company, in order to make many customers come.

In Kiwop we are professionals in web development and design. Ring us!

4. My webpage is already done; no more work to do?

The creation of the website is only the beginning, and it would be a mistake to leave it in oblivion.

A webpage requires of maintenance in terms of security, and it also may require of the insertion of the new products o services of your business, or new content to announce news about your organization.

You already know a lot about web development… Now it is time to make your own website!

With all this knowledge we have given you, you already have a good starting point to start creating your website.

Want to know more about web development? We invite you to know agile methodologies in web development and how an agency can help you with web development.

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At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Cheer up and…

Learn all about web development!


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