Infoproducts: Discover the star online business of 2021

Digital Marketing 04 January 2021

An online business is not based on opening a website and waiting for sales to come on their own, but you should go looking for them.

For that reason, you should look at what elements are fashionable, which are the ones that are most stylized or what is succeeding in other e-commerce.

And right now there’s an obvious one… The infoproducts ! ?

If you want your business to succeed in the digital age, you have nothing left but to arm yourself with value and create this kind of content that the audience likes and that you are looking forward to you offering.

To this day, there is a real boom with this theme. You’re opening up a business opportunity and you need to take advantage of it for your brand to thrive.

You may not know what infoproducts are or hesitate on how to develop them, but don’t worry because that’s what Kiwop is for.

Here’s what an infoproduct is, why they’re succeeding, and what types exist.

Go ahead. ?

Optimize your online business with the 2021 flagship product… infoproducts!

What is an infoproduct?

Infoproducts are predominantly educational digital products. They are usually based on vocational training and personal experience of those who create them.

In essence, it is a different way of dealing with the training of people who are interested in a particular topic.

This type of content serves to cover niches that exist in the market, increase the link between the brand and the public, and generate a greater amount of revenue.

Based on the knowledge of your online business, create digital resources where that experience is collected and transmitted so your audience can learn.

The two basic features that an infoproduct has to contain to be considered as such are:

  1. Be an experience-based content where the brand plasmes everything it knows about a topic and shows it to its audience.
  2. Be distributed digitally via email or available on the e-commerce website.
Create infoproducts based on your knowledge
Create infoproducts for your online business

Why are they succeeding?

Infoproducts are a marketing strategy increasingly used by online businesses and is succeeding because of the large number of advantages it has.

First, infoproducts generate more traffic to your website. If you create interesting content, a large portion of users will visit your online business.

Next, keep in mind that you only need to compose, record or perform the content once. Subsequently, profits will be generated automatically, saving money, time and effort.

Other reasons that justify their triumph are the utility to increase the loyalty and image of professional prestige and help to your audience that provides you.

A tip: remember that the higher the quality of the infoproduct, the better the online reputation of your e-commerce.

What types of infoproducts are there?

Physical books

One of the most popular infoproducts is a physical book. Turn on your computer and start writing down all your personal knowledge and experiences that are sure to be of great help to many users of your e-commerce.

Once you’ve written it down, post it and show it to your audience. I’m sure he loves it and acquires it to read it.

Physical books
Practical example in Seth


Another similar option is an eBook. An infoproduct that allows you to constantly update it and that your customers will be able to download with ease.

This type of content is one of the most recommended, as they ensure a greater amount of very good passive income.

Think about the main problems of your potential customers, relate them to your experience and develop content based on all this and that may interest them.

Practical example in El Blog de José Facchin


This type of infoproduct is one of the most successful and most used today in online business.

So-called podcasts are succeeding because they have the advantage of being multitasking, as it is a convenient format to consume by your users while performing other tasks.

Unleash your creativity by preparing courses in audio format, explanations of topics related to your company, reflections based on your experience, and much more.

Practical example in Vilma Nunez

Online courses

Courses are very useful elements to share all your knowledge about a topic and expose your personal experiences from a didactic perspective.

They are a very interesting format since you will be able to mix your own videos with slides in audio format. This will allow you to have a more direct contact with your users.

Online courses
Practical example in Vilma Nunez


A very original infoproduct that allows you to give a didactic touch to your e-commerce is a workshop or an online workshop.

Just think about the theme related to your brand that you want to expose in the workshop and develop a dynamic that is a unique experience for your users.

This format is simple to create, easy to sell and of great interest to fans in a theme.

Practical example in Dash


Webinars are live conferences on any theme related to your brand and where you can expose your knowledge.

It’s a simple way to collaborate with your users and share information, give a talk or develop a course in real time. In addition, it usually has a high conversion rate.

Practical example in MDirector

Resources in templates

This type of infoproduct is original and increasingly used by online businesses, since it adds added value to the contents of your e-commerce.

It is a useful and easy to developproduct, its demand is increasing and is of great interest to your users because, with a simple download of the resource, they will be able to enjoy new knowledge of value.

Resources in templates
Practical example in Diana Pinos

Add infoproducts to your e-commerce

You have already been able to check the importance of infoproducts, why they are succeeding and 7 examples to implement in your online business.

Now it’s your turn.

Analyze which type of infoproduct is most convenient for your e-commerce, develop digital resources, and show them to your audience. In this way, we do not hesitate that you will increase your sales.

And, of course, if you need help or want us to solve any questions related to your e-commerce, we will be happy to do so. ?

Contact us or follow us on our Instagram profile.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Cheer up and…

Add infoproducts to your online business and you’ll succeed this 2021!


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