How to succeed on YouTube using trends

Digital Marketing 28 July 2022

Currently, it is very important that you are up to date with all the trends, and more if it is social networks, since these will help you to create digital marketing strategies.

Specifically, YouTube is the leading platform that will offer you the best results if you create that ideal strategy for your company.

If you want to know more, in Kiwop we give you the keys to succeed on YouTube.

Let’s go there!

What is YouTube

YouTube is a platform that was born in 2005 and, since then, has been dedicated to sharing videos on its website. Therefore, there is also talk of a social network where millions of users can view or share content.

Since it was created, this website has had many changes in terms of its design and content, but what has not changed is its service.

YouTube logo

It has always opted to share content, whether music, blogs, tutorials, challenges, series or movies, among many other varieties, where even people who live from it, to create content. We call them youtubers.

In addition, on YouTube there is room for everyone, even companies come into play. That’s where thousands of competitors look for the most views to make themselves known.

That is why you as a company, from an elaborate strategy, can define new objectives and move among the trends that stand out the most today.

Why it’s important to include YouTube in your digital marketing strategy

As you have seen, YouTube is one of the most visited platforms every day around the world. That is why including it in your digital marketing strategy will make you more likely to achieve your goals.

First of all, it is important that you know how to win over the public, since closeness is key to taking advantage of the pull of YouTube.

The good thing about YouTube is that it is for all audiences and everyone can access it.

But, if you want to succeed as a company on this platform because it will help you grow, you must bear in mind that there are other social networks that can drive that growth.

For example, if you’re growing on TikTok, you should leverage that fame to let your users know that you also offer content on YouTube and that’s where you want to grow.

It is as easy as providing information or links on your other social networks so that users can self-transfer.

In addition, you have to know that YouTube has a very remarkable success since it was born and has continued to maintain its leadership as the years have passed. Currently, it is one of the most visited websites in the world, specifically the second after Google.

How to take advantage of YouTube trends in your strategy

The good thing about YouTube, like other social networks, is that you can draw inspiration from other videos, that is, you can search for creativity through content that has already been published on the platform.

Creativity is a key factor that will determine whether your video will be a trend or not, since the more creativity, the more quality of content and, consequently, more views.

But you may wonder, how do I exploit that creativity? Very easy! You have to focus on the trends and know what users are interested in. That’s why read on to learn how to highlight and find these trends, as there are thousands of possibilities!

How to stand out from YouTube trends

Trends on YouTube are basic to reach more users and increase the chances of conversion.

And you may wonder… How to do it? Do not worry, in Kiwop, we tell you how to succeed in this social network using trends.


Be loyal to yourself

First of all, be loyal to yourself and the company. Don’t sell yourself easily. You have to know how to manage what trends are in line with the style of your brand to find a meaning to that marketing strategy you are creating.

Once you know what trends agree, you must adjust the quality, format and content, to offer more exclusivity among other competitors, since you have to remember that YouTube is a platform where thousands of people compete.

SEO plays a very important role!

You can not forget that YouTube is really a search website, such as Google that searches for web pages. The only difference is that YouTube searches for videos.

That’s why, this is where SEO comes into play! We could call this YouTube Marketing.

Therefore, you have to know how to play with keywords and use those keywords so that your video is among the main search results and, in this way, reach thousands of new users and even reach YouTube Trends.

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Be more creative

It’s important that you know how to use that trend that so much game can give you on YouTube, it is not worth repeating it like a robot, on the contrary!, you have to know how to find the balance between your personality and that trend, so it will help you to boost yourself and make yours.

Another tip you should follow is to choose trends that help you, not hurt you.

For example, you should follow trends that are sustained quite over time and that can offer little competition to have more views.

How to find YouTube trends

Don’t know where to find YouTube trends? Take it easy! At Kiwop we show you where you can find them.

The main site where all the current YouTube trends are located is on the website itself, since this platform has a section called Trends.

There you can check which videos are the ones that are receiving the most visits and what they consist of.

In this way, you can guide yourself a little to see the current panorama of videos and thus create those videos that you wanted so much to record but with a sense within the algorithm.

On the other hand, there are other tools that will also allow you to know which trends are the most covered today, such as Google Trends.

Google Trends offers you people’s search data, that is, it can offer you information about what is most being searched for by people on websites. This will also help you boost your videos if you stick a little to what people are looking for so much.

Remember that there are also other social networks that will help you understand what is taken now and what is not. For example, TikTok can also be a good tool to see which trends are the most successful.

At Kiwop, we’re social media experts and know how to succeed on TikTok. Find out!

Do not forget that there are other tools such as Semrush that also have analytics that offer information about what users are most looking for through their specialization in SEO.

YouTube trends in 2022

Finally, do not forget to take a look at this section to see what is most successful on YouTube. Even so, do not forget that this website since it was created, has not stopped succeeding, especially with challenges and tutorials.

Basically, the users who most opt for YouTube are those who are looking for tutorials or challenges that they may have seen in other social networks, which is why it is very important to link these networks so that they complement each other and have more visits.

Many users end up on YouTube because they have seen a link or a short video like those of TikTok motivating them to access it.

A trend that is increasingly fashionable, although it is not on everyone’s lips, are youTube Shorts , which imitate the TikTok format with those mini videos.

This format is designed for those who use YouTube with the smartphone, since more and more people decide to enter this social network with their mobile device, that is why you have to know how to adapt to this change.

At Kiwop, we want you to know how to manage marketing and videos at the same time. Therefore, we recommend that you do not hesitate to discover other articles such as trends in marketing videos.

Create your videos and make them succeed!

Now that you know how trends work, it’s time for you to create that marketing campaign that boosts your videos to reach the largest number of people!

If you need any kind of advice, we will gladly help you.

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Bet on YouTube Marketing to achieve all your goals!


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