How to make a website with WordPress from scratch

Web Design and Development 13 September 2022

Nowadays, having a website for your business or interests is crucial to open the doors of the Internet and make yourself known. Therefore, it is important to know tools such as WordPress, which will be able to fulfill your goal of creating your website.

It is valuable to know WordPress, because thanks to its ease and flexibility, you can exponentially increase your power in online marketing.

At Kiwop, we are experts in digital marketing and we are going to teach you how to make a website with WordPress from scratch.

Do you want to know how to do it?

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What is WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) for you to be able to create and administrate your website and upload it to the Internet. This platform permits the edition and publication of content with ease and without the necessity of the knowledge of any web development code.

With the help of all WordPress plugins, you will be able to create from blogs telling news or stories, from your own virtual store.

It is very useful for let everyone know you or your business.

All this makes WordPress friendly for both beginners and advanced users in web development. In addition, it is free and has all the necessary features to build all kinds of websites.

At Kiwop, we are experts in WordPress development and help you in your marketing strategies.

If you need help creating your website, do not hesitate, we will help you!

What advantages does WordPress have?

WordPress is one of the most used content managers and you will realize it thanks to its advantages.

Do you want to know what it is?

Go ahead!

It’s free

You will always be able to use the main WordPress feature for free. Create your website and launch it into the world!

It is easy to use

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have computer skills, you’re not required to write code on WordPress. Just choose a block of text, image, audio, etc. from the list and drag it wherever you want.

It is highly customizable

WordPress has an extensive list of plugins to make your website tailor to your interests.

Among others, some types are:

It has an amazing design

Thanks to the adaptability of WordPress to different device sizes and the large list of templates for your website, it is very easy to have the design you want without worrying about failures.

What types of websites can be created with WordPress

Depending on your interests, you will want to design one type of website or another, but this is not a problem when using WordPress, since it has many plugins and great ease of use.

We show you some examples of types of websites on WordPress, but really the number of types that can be there is countless.


Your virtual store can be easily created thanks to WordPress plugins.

The preferred among developers is WooCommerce.

With WordPress you can have a list of all your products and be able to organize them by categories, labels and attributes, and you can see all the customers registered on your website and list them by number of orders, money spent, region, city and zip code.


You can make your audience aware of everything that is happening on your website thanks to blogs.

Create news, events, or news on your WordPress website.

All entries of your Blog will go to the Blog page of your website, and they will be shown in a row in your Blog page. Once a click is done in an entry, the user will access to it to see it’s content.

If you do not like the design of the Blog page, you can change it manually, selecting a theme or even inserting a plugin to capture your ideal blog.

Personal website

If what you want is to make known is your person, no problem.

WordPress is perfect for designing your own Curriculum Vitae or your Internet hobbies.

Just talk about yourself, what you like and what you do, and the website will be made in a jiffy.


If you want to acquire information that your online audience can give you (or give itself), create a forum on your website as if it were existing forums such as Quora or Yahoo Answers.

Anyone registered on your website will be able to create topics and respond in your forum, so value all that information.

A forum can serve from reporting errors in a program, discussing and philosophizing about interesting topics, to asking your audience what they demand from your organization.

Educational website

WordPress is also useful to explain everything you want to inform about anything.

As much as if you want to create a website for a school, with its list of students, tasks and events; as much as if your choice is to expose topics that interest you, whether history, botany or archaeology, to be able to educate your audience, as pages like Wikipedia would; WordPress may be your choice.

Guide on how to create a website in WordPress step by step

To create a website using WordPress is easy, if you know how to do it.

That’s why, on Kiwop, we present the ultimate guide on how to create it step by step.

Will you join us?

Follow the steps and in a moment you’ll have your WordPress website ready for action.

1. Sign up for WordPress

First, search for “WordPress” online and sign up. If you already have a WordPress account linked to your browser, you can try searching for “WordPress sign up”, in case you want to start with another account.

2. Choose a domain

It will ask you to have to choose a domain. You can choose a free domain where you put “WordPress” in the suffix or a paid one that looks without the WordPress watermark.

In addition, paid domains allow you to change the suffix of your domain, having the possibility to change it to .com, .blog and among others, depending on your preferences as a merchant, as a blogger or others.

A trick: the more complicated your domain is, the more likely it is that it is not already used.

If the domain you want to use is already in use, WordPress will suggest another one.

If the free domain you want to use is already in use, WordPress will add many numbers, as long as it is different from the existing ones.

3. Choose a plan

Then it will ask you to choose a plan, although if you want you can always have your website for free.

Paid plans allow you, among other things, to receive payments, remunerate ads, customer support, use quite a few plugins, use premium themes, etc.

4. Choose your preferences

Next, it will ask you for your preferences, since WordPress will then suggest designs based on them.

Unless you have the perfect design in mind, it is advisable to look at the designs that WordPress leaves for use.

5. Choose a design

Once the questions are finished, you will be able to visualize all the designs offered by WordPress and choose the one that best suits how you want your website to look.

Mind that even if you choose a desing, you will always be able to modify it manualy at your desire or even choose another one.

Once all this is done, you can create your website with the design you have chosen or from scratch.

6. Difference between Page and Post

Before starting, you would have to differentiate between Pages and Posts, as it can confuse at first.

The normal pages of your website are in “Pages” and all the entries of your blog are “Posts”.

Your Blog page is a page, and all your blog posts will appear on that page in the form of a list.

Once this is clarified, you could start by modifying your Home page, or you could also create another page.

7. Create a page

Once you want to design, it will be very easy thanks to all the blocks that WordPress has.

You can add text, media, design tools, site elements like the logo, and you will also be able to insert HTML if you want to have a max level of personalization.

WordPress Editor

Also, on the right side you will be able to modify the page functions and also of the blocks you will be adding.

At the end of the entire design of the website, you can save your work by pressing the “Update” button, or if you do not want your page to come to light for the time being, you can change it to draft and then publish it whenever you want.

8. Choose plugins

Finally, you can add plugins of all kinds in the “Plugins” section.

Plugins can consist of modifying the SEO of the page, converting your website into a virtual store, creating newsletters to send mail to your audience, backups, etc.

For example, if you want good SEO, the perfect plugin is Yoast SEO. When users search for “Buy house Toledo”, in any search engine, if you insert the certain keywords on your website, your website will have it easier to get out at the top of the search.

Also, if you want to set up a store, the ideal plugin is WooCommerce. Use the flexible product blocks to capture your ideal storefront easily. Your products can be differentiated by categories, attributes and labels; your customers will be able to book products and subscribe to your website; you can change product prices dynamically and much more.

Your customers will also be able to pay in many different ways, plus WooCommerce is also aware of shipping methods and taxes.

Create the webstie you imagine with WordPress

Now that you know how to create a website with WordPress from scratch, the time has come to create it in order to grow your business like foam.

Want to know more about WordPress? We encourage you to know the difference between and and learn it all about WordPress plugins.

If you have any questions about creating your website, please contact us!

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At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Cheer up and…

Create your website with WordPress!


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