How to craft a successful SEM campaign

SEO and SEM 25 May 2022

Developing SEM campaigns for your company is one of the best decisions you can make.

And creating successful SEM campaigns should be your ultimate goal to achieve the best results.

At Kiwop, we want your business to be future. That’s why we recommend you keep reading this article with everything you need to know to develop a successful SEM campaign.

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What is SEM

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a type of advertising adapted to search engines. That means that your campaigns appear in search engines such as Google, and above in a very privileged position, since they appear even before organic results.

Does this mean that SEO and SEM are the same? No, but they are similar. While SEO encompasses a series of techniques with the aim of getting the top positions of the search engine organically, without paying, and in the long term, through SEM you appear as long as you invest.

They also work in different ways, and is that SEM campaigns, although they are also activated through keywords, require bidding strategies, variety of copys, extensions and even creatives to get that click of the user.

Google Ads: the main SEM tool

And you may be wondering, if there are several search engines, are there also several tools? That’s right, but the best known and the one that provides the best results is Google Ads, since Google is the most used search engine globally.

And it is that the great advantage of Google Ads, apart from appearing in the top positions of Google, is that it not only focuses on campaigns that are activated by keywords, but also offers a wide range of possibilities to reach all types of audiences, work on creativity and be able to incorporate as much information as possible.

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Google Ads SEM platform
Google Ads is the main tool to work SEM

Tips to develop a successful SEM campaign

Develop a keyword strategy

Creating a search campaign in Google Ads doesn’t mean you choose keywords just because. Ideally, you should develop a keyword strategy and analyze searches, bids and seasonality of those keywords that are interesting for your business.

And, above all, do not choose only those for which you want to appear, block or restrict those keywords that you never want to leave.

Be creative

If you work in digital marketing, you will already know that this point is essential. And not only in issues of creativity in designs, which are also important in campaigns such as Display. We talk about being creative at a general level, with fresh ideas that innovate and go beyond what the competition does.

Choose the right extensions

Another of the great advantages of Google Ads, extensions! We can assure you that they are one of our favorite functions. They allow you to add that information from more to more that you have not been able to incorporate into your ad, incorporate extensions of offers, prices, locations, phone … and all this can generate leads!

what are extensions in Google Ads
Example of an ad with Extensions

Know your company well…

A beginner’s mistake that many comment on without knowing it, not knowing well the company for which they work! Not only your story, but the objectives you are looking for, the brand identity or the target, among many other things.

And benchmark to meet the competition

And just as knowing your brand or company is important, so is knowing your competition. What they do, how, when and why. Very journalistic the latter, but just as vital for digital marketing.

Knowing your competition you can choose what works and improve, or avoid, what does not work for them. Always applying it to your case.

Work remarketing campaigns

Remarketing is an essential part of advertising. Beyond chasing your target, we talk about continuing with messages and CTAs totally personalized to users who already know you, have interacted with your website but have not yet decided to buy.

Reminding them of your brand values and the products they were interested in is a good way to tap into leads.

Create your successful SEM campaign

After all these tips for your SEM campaigns, now it’s your turn.

If you need help or want us to solve any questions related to your business, we will be happy to do so.

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At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Cheer up and…

Don’t miss the opportunity to create successful SEM campaigns!


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