How to analyze keywords from other websites

Digital Marketing 19 May 2022

Keywords, known as keywords, will help to get more traffic on your website through the interest of the user in their search.

Depending on the keywords you use, your website will rank in a better or worse place.

From Kiwop, we will help you achieve the maximum performance on your website and position yourself in the top positions of the search engine.

We help you analyze the keywords of your competition

What are keywords?

Keywords are the keywords that Internet users use in their searches to the fencer, that can be from one or more words.

You must know how to highlight which are the most voluminous words and that generate more traffic in terms of digital marketing.

But not only that, because sometimes you can find a very viral keyword, but it may be very difficult to complement it with your website to be able to make it possibleFor example, in this same blog we use keywords such as “Kiwop” or “digital marketing”.
Choosing to implement SEO techniques in your company will not be an expense, but an investment.

Keywords digital marketing
The importance of keywords to position your website

The importance of good competitor research

It is important that you make a good analysis and use the necessary keywords, but also that you analyze the keywords that your competition uses.

In tools like SEMrush you can see at what level you are around your competition and from there you can investigate it.

It will also allow you to research your website from a more specific analysis and will rate you, among many other things, the use you make of your keywords.

To search for their keywords you can follow different processes.

Find words in HTML

Surely you have used the Ctrl+F or Commando+F (for Mac) to search for information of your interest and for that you use keywords.

So if you want to investigate your competition you can use the same tool that will allow you to find their keywords and, from there, you can analyze them.

Although you should know that this will only allow you to search on the same page where you are, not on their entire website.

Keywords digital marketing
Find keywords from HTML

Analyze the keywords from the Google search engine

The Google search engine allows you to analyze the keyword that you consider from entering the same search engine “site:” followed by its main web page.

Once this step is achieved, mark a space and write the word you want to search for and / or analyze within your website.
For example, “site: marketing” and check the “enter” key.

Analyze the keywords from the Google search engine

How to analyze the keywords of other pages

SEO analysis is increasingly important because it helps create traffic on web pages and, not only that, but good results are achieved in the long term.

From the use of these tools you will be able to achieve notoriety and visibility on the Internet.

First of all, you must have that each company is at a different level of needs, that’s why keywords evolve hand in hand with them.

Keywords need to be optimized to the maximum and correlate with your marketing strategy. Therefore, when analyzing other pages you must take this fact into account.

Keywords digital marketing
SEO analysis is very important

Why you want to use keywords

Every keyword used will depend to achieve some objectives, so you should know what purpose each of them has

Informative keywords

These are used by users to get information in return. Therefore, users only use it to find the answer to a specific question.

Transactional keywords

Transactional keywords are used for a specific purpose , whether buying, selling, booking, among others.

Navigational keywords

The navigational ones are useful for those users who already know that web page they are looking for.

Position your website with the keywords your users are looking for

Now you know how to position your website, so you can focus on analyzing your SEO in the best possible way and succeed in your digital marketing strategy.

Now it’s your turn!

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