How does mobile app marketing work?

Digital Marketing 16 February 2022

Within digital marketing, mobile marketing is growing, as is logical, since we have reached a point where mobile is part of our day to day, with communicative uses, if not also informative and commercial.

With smartphones, not only do we carry a phone on us, but we have a device that we use to surf the internet, read, watch videos, play games and even shop.

If you want to know more about digital marketing for mobile, stay with us to read this article!

Very brief introduction to digital marketing and mobile marketing

The way to use these tools offered by a smartphone, normally, is by applications.

From here, we will design strategies and objectives focused on marketing in mobile applications and focused on mobile format.

Maybe you are considering launching an app for your e-commerce, a tourist app or simply games.

Close plane of a few hands using a mobile
The mobile is an accessory of our day to day

Discover what digital marketing is, what it is for and examples of strategies, we tell you everything.

Digital marketing with mobile applications

There are several points to keep in mind for digital marketing for mobile apps.

1. The design of the app

What do you want to solve with the app? Who is it focused on? What features will it offer? Is it going to be paid or free? These questions will define the design of the app and also the objectives to be defined for the marketing strategies.

Having this clear must be done before starting to design the application, if not, it will not make sense to start programming without knowing where we are going.

Draw people designing an app
Think of a good structure before designing the app

2. Vertical marketing

It makes more and more sense to do vertical marketing, not only because this style is returning, but also because we use mobile constantly and the fastest and easiest way to see something is with vertical mobile.

Creating designs of videos, reading, the web or applications adapted to this format, will help us so that users can interact easily and simply.

3. Mobile App marketing

Marketing focused on mobile applications is different from that of search engines. Offering a good in-app strategy is very important.

From within the app you will try to offer functions that are useful and that help you build user loyalty. Even if it is a free application you can cover expenses with ads within it (in-app Ads)

Table with people designing a mobile application
Create a strategy around the application

4. Local marketing

Another way to market apps is to focus on the local business. More and more, the mobile is used to find some place that the user wants to go or the options that he can have near his location. Whether to eat, shop, visit somewhere, etc.

So, depending on what our product is, and it makes sense to do so, a part of your strategy will be in local marketing.

For example, focusing on improving SEO for voice searches, or updating the data of your local in Google, or creating SEM or Social Ads campaigns to publicize your place and what you offer.

All this also has a lot to do with voice searches, since 50% of local searches to find sites are done by voice.

Find out how voice searches influence SEM!

5. Social Ads

Another great feature for mobile app marketing.

It is true that social networks are changing, at times some are more fashionable than others, but all can get a lot of engagement and being able to show ads within them is a very useful function for our strategies.

And if it’s what fits you, you can get very good results.

Business Facebook offers the possibility of showing ads on both Facebook and Instagram, being able to promote the posts or stories so that they appear where they suit you best.

Hand drawing with a megaphone coming out of the screen of a mobile
Social Ads are a great complement to your mobile marketing strategy

If you want to know tools for your strategies, we bring you 5 essential mobile apps in digital marketing.

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Steps to implement a mobile marketing strategy

1. Define your goals

Your goals will be set before you start the app and then be able to continue with them, so that the design of the application makes sense.

2. What is your target audience

Knowing what your target audience will be can be a task both initial and when the strategy is underway, because we will see which segments work best.

3. Long-term strategy

Follow a strategy with a vision of results in the long run, since most of the time they are not immediate and if we do not set realistic goals we can get very frustrated.

4. Create expectation

Before and after the launch of a strategy or an app, we can try to create “hype” for users to interact and at least make the gesture of knowing it.

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Don’t wait any longer and design a mobile marketing strategy

Let’s hope that all these points have served you if you have a mobile application or you are considering creating one and want to design a mobile marketing strategy.

So go ahead!

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Start your mobile marketing strategy!


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