Google My Business, the best ally for local SEO

Digital Marketing 08 June 2021

Normally, when you talk about digital marketing, you think of big companies. But what about small and large local businesses? There Google My Business can help you.

Although eh, GMB is for everyone, not just for the little ones, what we mean is that it will help them a lot.

It helps above all to improve local SEO.

improve your store's local SEO with google my business
If you have a local business, you must have Google My Business

Wait, stay, that we will tell you more things. ?

What is Google My Business

It is a totally free tool (although it is possible that soon you will start paying some symbolic price to validate the business) offered by our beloved Google.

Google My Business helps you improve the visibility of your local business. And it is the most used in Spain.

With this tool, the company profile is promoted in both Google results and Google Maps.

How does the platform work?

First: you must check if your business card already exists, and if it does not exist, register and create it.

The name in GMB must be exactly that of the business.

The category must also be indicated, for this, we will put the one that best suits the activity of the company.

If you think that putting the category is somewhat confusing, or that there is none that fits well, try to see which one has put the competition.

Afterwards, it will ask you if our business is based on receiving customers in a physical place (you can also have a GMB file without having a specific location), then they will send you a letter to that address with a code so that you can verify the existence of that business.

Once the file is created and verified, that’s it, you already have your business in GMB and start having local visibility. But first you’ll have to optimize it so that visibility is even greater, right?

How to have the tab optimized

To optimize a business file well you have to complete all the data you can and in the best way.

The first step is what they call NAP: it consists of the Name, the address and the phone.

It is the main thing to indicate in GMB, but in general, in all the information you put on the Internet, you must put that NAP, always the same. Because that’s how Google will be sure to verify that we are talking about the same company.

example of kiwop's google my business tab
Here you have our Google My Business tab, from Kiwop

Then we should write the description of the business. To do this, we will study the keywords that users search for the most and write it with them.

Always with a close language and nothing to look like a bot, or to sell us as “the best”, try to attract attention in another way.

And do not forget to explain who you are and what you do, and above all: a CTA for them to visit you.

We should also indicate the category and the subcategories, as we have told you before: if you do not find the most suitable for your company, observe the competition to see what it puts.

Schedules are important: when someone wants to visit a business, the first thing they do is go to Google and see where they are, and the schedule. If you put it in open, and then you find it closed, it creates a lot of frustration. #TrueStory

From the GMB panel you can also add special schedules, as if you open on Christmas Eve, for example.

We can also add images to the tab. You already know that multimedia files always generate more visual impact on users, and you can also take advantage and show the image of the business.

Let the images be of quality, please. And it can be the logo, images of the business outside and inside, the same staff, etc.

What else can I do at GMB?

You can make news posts, launch offers, and answer user reviews (don’t forget that you should answer them all to give a sense of credibility and trust).

reviews on google my business raco esoteric
The reviews should be answered all: negative or positive.

What is local SEO

Local SEO after the pandemic is much more important than before, and before it already was, so imagine.

Why? Because many businesses have had to create for example GMB accounts and update the schedules due to the restrictions: that if we now open until 17h, that if now it is only to take away, etc.

Basically, local SEO consists of SEO techniques to improve the visibility of a business in the ranking of local searches.

For example “hairdresser in Tarragona”.

Local SEO has very good numbers because normally searches already have purchase intent and close to the user’s location.

For sample… two facts:

Why Google My Business is the perfect ally of local SEO

The best and most economical tool for local SEO in Spain, is Google My Business.

It will bring some benefits to your digital marketing strategy:

Examples of Google My Business tabs

At the beginning of the article we show you our own tab, but here we will show you a couple more so that you can see how it looks.

Another example of GMB file is Comansi. In it, he shows photos of the outside of the toy store.

It perfectly indicated the address, time, telephone, name and category (perfectly suitable).

google tab my business of comansi
Comansi’s Google My Business tab example

Even if we scrolled down, we would see that it also has the description.

Another example would be Limplas. We see how it has all the “obliged” elements: address, telephone, name, category.

It even goes a step further and shows us company information with

example of google tab my business de limplas
Example of Google My Business tab from Limplas

Add Google My Business to your digital strategy

If you have a local business, and you want to increase visits (a lot) you just have to start working on local SEO and create and optimize your GMB file.

Do not waste time, we have told you all the benefits that it will take you and what data you should fill in.

At Kiwop we are experts in SEO.

Contact us if you need help or follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on how to optimize your Google My Business or improve your local SEO.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Go ahead and start optimizing your Google My Business account! ?


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