The ultimate guide to increase your conversion rates

Digital Marketing 22 December 2021

The conversion rate is one of the most important data to measure and analyze of our e-commerce.

In this blog article we will explain, in a simple, but also technical and detailed way, what the conversion rate is and how to improve it.

we are experts in improving the conversion rate, analyzing each case, optimizing strategies and objectives to help grow your online business.

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Importance of e-commerce today

Whether we like it or not, we live in a very digitalized era and, right now, if our business is not on the Internet, we are generally limiting our possibilities.

Conversion rates: the ultimate guide to increase conversion rates
Our online business is just as important as our physical store.

Visibility of our business

Basically, if we are not on the Internet, it is practically as if we do not exist. Therefore, it is very important nowadays to have our business digitized.

Everyone now has a computer, a smartphone or a tablet, and the trend is that the search for products online, or practically anything, is always on the rise.

Facility to sell

With an e-commerce, the facility to sell is relatively high with a good job of

In addition, the sales process is also usually straightforward. The customer buys, you receive an email, we prepare the order, and the external delivery company will do the rest. 

Obviously, all this takes some work, especially at the beginning (both SEO in the long term and SEM), but if e-commerce is done well, it is very profitable.

What are conversion rates?

What is conversion rate?

For any e-commerce, in fact for any digital business, it is very important to measure and analyze our strategy. This way we will be able to know where our mistakes are and where we can strengthen our business.

One of the 3 main KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) is the conversion rate. The other two would be traffic sources and average ticket.

The conversion rate or CR (Conversion Rate) is the number of users who perform an action divided by the total number of visits. That would be the exact definition of conversion rate.

Conversion rates: the ultimate guide to increase conversion rates
Measure your conversion rate to improve your strategy

This KPI is one of the most relevant for our online business, because it directly indicates whether or not the objectives are being met. It can be a purchase, filling out a form, a download or a registration.

By having this data monitored, we will be able to constantly optimize our strategy and thus improve our business.

How do we know if we have a good conversion rate?

Well, the answer is it depends. Ideally, the higher the CR the better, but I could say that 1% is a good conversion rate, if in our stock we have products that are difficult to sell, for example, if we sell sandals and we are out of the summer season.

Normally, CRs are between 1% and 3%, so we say it depends on the business. However, as we have said, the higher our conversion rate, the better.

Tips to increase conversion rates

There are different techniques that can help us to improve the conversion rate in our e-commerce.

Create good CTA’s

Design creatives, titles and descriptions with CTA’s with a call to action that is attractive and clear.

You can stand out with a large typeface and eye-catching colors.

Creates urgency

Emphasize a promotion that is limited in time, for example an offer that only lasts 12 hours. Or limited in stock, e.g. by displaying a last units offer.

These techniques are very effective and are the psychology of scarcity, widely used in marketing.

Conversion rates: the ultimate guide to increase conversion rates
By creating urgency with a limited offer, you motivate the user to buy.

Free shipping costs

Providing free shipping costs, even if it is above a certain amount, helps a lot to improve the conversion rate. 

The user feels much more motivated if at the end of the purchase funnel, he sees that he does not have to pay shipping costs.

In fact, many users leave this route if at the end of the purchase they find themselves with shipping costs they did not expect.

Design landing pages

A very useful way to improve the conversion rate is to create landing pages where the user arrives and inside there is a direct call to action without distractions.

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. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your CR!

Displays original prices

If the price of the product is discounted, it still shows what the original price was next to the discounted price, this shows the user that he is buying a product that will be much more profitable and cheaper.

Shows the benefits of the product

Once these questions are answered, we can then display those answers with user-engaging copy and CTAs.

Start improving your conversion rates

Now that you know how important it is to improve your conversion rates, don’t wait any longer and perform an analysis of your business.

With this knowledge you can decide how you want to do it.

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