Conversion Funnel: What Is It in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing 21 July 2021

In almost all the articles we have been telling you that the essential thing is to know your target, who you are addressing. Well, with the conversion funnel you will also achieve that, in addition to helping you make better decisions.

target conversion funnel
Learn more about how your target acts and make better decisions

If you want to know what it is, keep reading. ?

What is Funnel Conversion

The conversion funnel is a marketing technique through which you can observe the process that a customer goes through from the time they detect a need until they buy from us, the final action we want.

It’s also called a conversion funnel, because it really has the shape of a funnel, the people who will know your brand is not the same amount of people who will end up leaving a contact or who will end up buying.

That’s why with conversion funnel analysis we can get to make good decisions.

Because we see at what point they fall, in which phases they abandon us the most.

funnel and conversion funnel
Thanks to the funnel we can know better the phases of the client

And thanks to it, we will be able to detect errors in some phases, and fix them before it is too late. And then focus our efforts on those areas that are most needed.

To finally get a higher ROI thanks to all the above.

Basically, what we will try to achieve, is that the lower part of the funnel is not so narrow.

If you want to know the phases, read on.

Phases of the conversion Funnel

This conversion funnel, which explains the phases that the user goes through with our brand, we see them below:

1. Acquisition

It is the phase in which the consumer will detect a problem or need, and in which we will have to make our brand known.

Digital marketing strategies will be used to publicize the brand, such as generating content, social networks, etc.

The more people there are at the top of the funnel, the more likely it is that more people will make it to the bottom.

What is intended is to gain notoriety and, above all, visibility, attracting the maximum number of visits to our website.

2. Activation

In the next phase, in which the user will have many brands and / or products at their disposal, we intend to earn their trust.

We want them to have love with us at first sight, and that is why we will have to optimize the website well and make it easy to use and desirable for them.

Basically, we want to capture their interest and hook them, that they stay watching our content.

3. Retention

In this third phase will go through the funnel users who have really hooked, at least we have caught their attention.

So the goal now is to build loyalty. Therefore, we will want to convert visits into leads.

To achieve this, optimized forms can be created, requesting the least number of data to make the process less cumbersome for the user, and thus increase the number of leads.

convert users to leads form
Add a form to your website with which to get leads

4. Sale

The next thing is that they buy us, the main objective of any company. We want to transform leads into customers.

Everything is optimizing and optimizing, because for this phase we must have the purchase process optimized.

That all the steps you have to perform are well indicated, there is no error, all fluid, etc.

We will thus have a lower shopping cart abandonment rate. Basically make the purchase easy for them.

5. Reference

If we want the cycle wheel to run its course, we must leave buyers well satisfied.

If all the phases until reaching the purchase, for this customer, went well, and he was satisfied with the purchase of the product, most likely they will recommend us.

If you recommend us, it is the same client who will act as prescriber and other users can trust your opinion. Because it will no longer be the brand itself that will speak well of it, but a person like him.

In addition, if they are satisfied, they themselves will be able to repeat and convert customers into recurring customers.

How to apply the conversion funnel in a Digital Marketing strategy

The conversion funnel is a marketing technique, but above all it is used in the specific Inbound Marketing strategy.

Since inbound is a non-intrusive advertising strategy, which tries to attract and accompany the user through all its phases, through its main tool: content.

It’s non-intrusive advertising because we attract you with the content, and what adds value to the customer.

content marketing conversion funnel
Inbound marketing strategy focuses on content marketing

They have a problem and are looking for solutions on the Internet, and we are there to help you solve it with our content.

And little by little educate and mature the lead so that he passes his VISA through our online store in exchange for our products or services.

Thanks to the funnel and knowing the target better, we will know what type of content, in which channel and how often to act.

Now you know what the Conversion Funnel is

We have explained what the conversion funnel is, how it will help you, its phases and how to apply it in digital marketing.

Now it’s your turn.

Contact us if you need help, or follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on how to make good decisions through the conversion funnel.

We can help you create a digital marketing strategy that helps you expand the funnel below.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Start applying funnel in your Inbound marketing strategy and increase your ROI! ?


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