Community Manager & Social Media Calendar 2021: save the dates

Digital Marketing 07 January 2021

It is increasingly common to use a community manager to take care of everything related to social networks of an e-commerce.

However, if there is one thing that is essential is planning, organization and anticipation. Without all this, the social networks of your online business will not work.

When planning your content it is essential to take into account the dates indicated throughout the year.

These key days can inspire you in creating new content and promoting your online business.

Analyze your company, review the designated days with which you have a relationship and use them in your social media this 2021. That way, you’ll only have inspiration to succeed.

From Kiwop, we want to make things easier for you.

That’s why we show you the dates indicated for this 2021 for your community manager’s calendar that you’ll need to take advantage of to increase your sales.

Go ahead.

What are you waiting for? ?

Why should you have a calendar with the most important dates?

Good social networks don’t get along with improvisation. For a good calendar that shows the most important dates for digital marketing actions, there has to be a well-thought-out strategy.

A social media calendar is the way to create a path to goals you’ve previously defined.

In addition, having a calendar has multiple benefits that will make you see the need to raise one for your e-commerce:

What dates should you consider?


In January, you should keep in mind that January 1st is New Year’s Eve and 6th Kings Day. In this way, the Christmas dates are terminated.

In addition, after kings, winter rebates begin and 18 is Blue Monday, a date raised as “the saddest day of the year” and where more and more companies offer additional discounts to boost sales.

Date marked January
Practical example New Year’s Day


This month two dates stand out: the 14th Valentine’s Day and the 16th Carnival. For the first, you can use these days to boost your sales with everything related to couples and love.

Instead, for Carnival, use it to purchase products for your costumes or offer exclusive content for these dates.


The 8th is Women’s Day. Use it to convey support to them and offer them unique opportunities.

Other designated days of the month would be the 15th on consumer day, the 19th on the Father’s Day and at the end of the month the start of the Easter period.

Date marked March
Practical example Father’s Day


This month, the 7th is Health Day, the 15th the day of the child, and the 23rd on the day of the book. Use these marked dates to create content based on these days, and your sales are likely to increase.


1 is Worker’s Day, so you can offer unique shopping opportunities to your customers. Also, 2 is Mother’s Day, a game-high date for developing digital marketing content.

May 17 is Internet Day, which you can use to attract more traffic and boost your e-commerce.

Date marked May
Practical example Mother’s Day


The highlight of this month is that the summer campaign starts. Prepare all your social networks and announce this highlight for you.

The 5th is The Day of the Environment, the 20th the “Yellow Day”, raised as the happiest day of the year, and the 24th St. John’s Night, a great holiday in the coastal areas.


Another key month for your social media calendar because summer starts, this season’s rebate campaign and that’s when people have the most free time and, all of this, you should use it.

In addition, there are other dates marked such as 26th On grandparents’ Day and 30th on International Friendship Day.

Date marked July
Practical example Summer Start


This summer month brings with it the 1st World Day of Joy, the 13th the International Day of the Left-handed and 19th on the Day of Photography.

Also, it is the month that ends the summer period, the holidays and ends the sales of this season.


This month is characterized by two key dates: the 10th return to school and the 21st the beginning of autumn. Highlight these two days that change stages for your community manager calendar this 2021.

There are other dates marked this month such as the 5th on The Day of the Brother and the 27th on the International Day of Tourism.

Date marked September
Practical example Autumn Start Day


In this month, he gains ground on Halloween Day. A date increasingly used by online businesses to increase their online presence.

In addition, there are other dates before such as the 4th day of the Animals, the 5th on the day of the Teachers, the 16th on the day of feeding and the 19th day against breast cancer.


November is characterized by two key dates that you must use in your calendar to create quality content and increase your sales: 26 Black Friday and 29 Cyber Monday.

In addition there are other dates such as the 21st day of television and the 23rd international day of Music.

Date marked November
Practical example Black Friday Day


This month is known for Christmas Eve 24, Christmas 25th and 31st New Year’s Eve. Unas fechas navideñas que debes usar en tu calendario y crear contenido de calidad que relacione estos días y tu marca.

Also, there are other dates such as the 1st day of the fight against AIDS and the 28th on the day of the Innocents.

Date marked December
Practical example Christmas days

Create a digital marketing, e-commerce and social media calendar

You have already seen the importance of having a digital and social media marketing calendar for your e-commerce.

Review the dates we’ve shown you and don’t forget, choose the ones that best fit your business profile and create quality content about your brand based on all of it.

Also, add your personal touch to the calendar and everything you develop. In this way, we have no doubt that your calendar will be a success and will meet the objectives you have previously defined.

And, of course, if you need help or want us to solve any questions related to your e-commerce, we will be happy to do so. ?

Contact us or follow us on our Instagram profile.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Cheer up and…

Create a digital, e-commerce and social media marketing calendar!


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