All about Instagram stats: how to see them, how they work and very useful apps

Digital Marketing 03 February 2021

Instagram is one of the most frequented social networks and one of the most successful. It bases its raison d’e thing on the image and on being a useful platform for all needs.

An instant network that allows you to generate, view and share all kinds of content belonging to the application. So much so that the majority of online businesses have a presence on Instagram in order to get the most out of their company.

However, it is not enough to have a company profile and publish content without prior planning. For your online presence to work, you need to have a fundamental element: Instagram stats.

These are one of the most important tools for the good development of your online business and to ensure success on the platform. Know your followers’ activity on your profile, the time they spend, the reach of your posts, or what your audience looks like.

With all this, you’ll be able to get to know your followers better, analyze each element of your profile and create content according to the ones that have the best results.

But don’t worry, Kiwop is here to help you.

Here’s how to see Instagram stats, how they work, which ones are most useful, and which apps can help you better understand them.

Let’s go.

What are you waiting for to succeed on Instagram?

How to turn on statistics on Instagram?

The first thing to keep in mind to take advantage of statistics on Instagram is to have a business profile, because with a personal profile you won’t have access to these metrics.

Create a professional profile or, if you have a personal profile, change it to a company profile. To do this, go to your Account settings, in the Account tab and at the bottom of the page you will find the option to switch from one account to another.

Once you’ve done it, on your profile, in the upper-right corner, click on all three stripes. Here, you will get a statistics section that will mean that they are activated and that you can enjoy them.

How to turn on stats on Instagram
Practical example at Kiwop

What metrics should you consider primarily?


Regarding content-related metrics, it’s very important to keep track of everything we have in our profile for users. With Instagram stats, you’ll be able to see all the posts you’ve made in your feed, in stories, on IGTV and on reels.

Here, you’ll see the number of posts for each type of content sorted by the impressions they’ve had. Also, the time you make of publications and some relevant data about them.

If in addition to statistics, you want to know how to take advantage of your Instagram profile even more, we recommend that you read this article where we show you 10 tricks that you should know.


As for the statistics about the activity, there are several very interesting ones that show the actions that other users perform in our account. It is vital to know the number of interactions in our profile posts to know how they are working. Examples include:

A lot of metrics related to interactions, but there are more activity-related metrics. For example, the number of visits to our profile and the time our users spend viewing our profile or any of our content.

Interactions of your posts
Practical example at Kiwop


Regarding discovery-related metrics, it’s essential to know how many people see your content and where they’ve seen it. Knowing the scope of your posts will help you know, approximately, how big your community is.

Also, you’ll know the number of unique users who have ever seen your content, how many have become new followers, and the total number of impressions. All this to know the magnitude and visibility of your professional profile.

Reaching your posts
Practical example at Kiwop


Another highlight of Instagram statistics is the audience. You need to know it, know what your followers are like, and whether they meet the pattern you’ve set for your target audience.

You’ll know the number of followers you’ve grown, the number of in a row you have, and a set of data that will allow you to get the idea of your users’ profile, such as:

Audience of your posts
Practical example at Kiwop

What apps can help you understand metrics?


This platform allows you to analyze, manage and enhance your online presence. You’ll be able to review your metrics, plan your content and manage your advertising campaigns. In addition, you will have basic, intermediate and advanced reports of your Instagram account.

Metricool's homepage
Metricool’s homepage


This statistics app is widely used to analyze social networks. It allows you to make decisions about the performance on Instagram according to the database that you have. For example, detailed programming, synthetic reports on the most relevant information you need to know, and in-depth analysis of your profile.

Sprout Social

This is one of the most useful Instagram statistics apps. A network management tool that works intelligently to get as much information as possible so that you can properly manage your profile.

You’ll get all kinds of data about the performance of your professional profile, such as post scheduling, hashtag monitoring, comment management, or report execution.

Sprout Social's homepage
Sprout Social’s homepage

Boost your Instagram profile with stats

You’ve already seen the importance of having statistics to properly manage your professional instagram profile. In addition, we’ve explained how to turn them on and the main metrics you need to know.

Now it’s your turn.

You already know how statistics work, so analyze the profile of your online business with them in mind and determine the positives that you need to enhance and the negatives that need to be improved.

Remember that if you need help or want us to solve any questions related to your e-commerce, we will be happy to do so. ?

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Go ahead and…

Optimize your professional Instagram profile with the help of statistics!


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