9 tricks to conclude your blog articles

Digital Marketing 27 May 2021

Just as you need to start a blog post on a good foot, to engage the user to keep reading, you also need to conclude it so that it stays with good taste of mouth.

I’m sure there are a lot of movies that you were having a clear opinion of, and then, in the end, you’ve changed your mind for both good and bad.

the end of a blog post is important
The end of a blog post is important

If a story ends, it can be decisive for your opinion of it.

So read on, and you’ll find that it can give you a good finish and some tricks. ?

The importance of successfully concluding a blog post

Concluding a blog post well will be very important because with it, he will have just formed his opinion about the content.

It will also decide whether to continue with us by viewing more of our content or that’s it.

In short, it is important because it determines whether a reader becomes a reader hooked on our blog or if they only read that article and forget about us.

If the latter happens, it is that something has been done wrong and the user’s interest has not been captured so that he continues to look at the website.

user reading blog post
User reading a blog post

Benefits that a blog post can bring to end with x goals

You can’t be writing a great blog post and finish it anyway.

What’s more, if you get it right, it can bring you good things:

turn readers into fans of your blog posts
Turn readers into fans of your blog posts

9 tricks to conclude blog articles

We have reached the point of the article where we want to give you 9 tricks so that you conclude yours well.

Put them into practice and you’ll see how you get the benefits mentioned.

Make a summary

Everything you have explained during the article, you can explain it again, but very summary and so that it is already very clear and simple to understand.

This way the user will be able to internalize the message perfectly.

In fact, we usually put it into practice from Kiwop and encourage you to do it too.

Ask questions

In the end you can ask them questions and with them, you will get several things:

  1. That their opinion also counts and that we have no absolute truth of anything.

  2. You make them think and land on the article, so they don’t get bored and distracted by the information we’re giving them.

  3. We gained more interaction. And content, whatever it is, with the most interaction always gains more credibility, authority and trust.

Be ingenious

Remember to always close with close tone, friendly… so that the reader is attracted to writing.

Don’t go too funny, excess can lead to rejection.

Personal opinion

If we finish off our blog post with our personal opinion, for example, after the summary, it will give you even more if you fit a close tone.

This will make the user connect more with us and probably encourage you to give your opinion in comments as well.

Link blog articles

If for example, you are talking about “the perfect copywriting of product sheets for e-commerce“, you can tell him: you will most likely be interested in this other article of “e-commerce trends for 2021“.

With this method what you manage to increase is the interest in your subject by the reader, and as a consequence, increase the average time that is on your website.

The longer it’s on your site, the more likely you are to make it a customer.

link blog article
The article (the place) is over, but you can go your way with us

Social media buttons

At the end of the day, we recommend creating buttons that take you to your social networks.

That way you create a route map for them, and you can get more followers if their content liked it.

Ask to be shared

You can ask your users for things, such as sharing your content if they liked it.

The more you ask for it, the more likely they are to.

Something like “if you liked it or found it interesting, don’t forget to share it!”

This will increase visibility and make the content more likely to go viral.

Use quotes

If you use quotes from prominent people in your industry, and related to what you’re talking about, your content will gain credibility.

It can be the final snap to your article.


Finally, we can tell you as a movie trailer that our next post will go.

This way we will hook you up, and you may be attentive to reread us, and gradually turn the reader into a fan.

And here ends this blog post

Have you seen? Finishing well is very important, and we usually use the summary trick.

We’ve told you why it’s important to finish an article well and what benefits it’s going to bring you (especially getting regular readers), to put an end to a few tricks and get a good conclusion.

Contact us to help you with your blog posts.

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Have you decided how to finish your articles yet? ?


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