8 subject ideas for your email marketing campaign

Digital Marketing 22 April 2021

Email marketing is one more tool to include in your online marketing strategy.

The user will already be previously interested in your content in some way, because to have his mail, he has had to provide it to us at some point.

The question is to push the user into the conversion funnel, and this technique is especially good for this purpose.

include email marketing in your communication
Include email marketing in your communication

You can offer them content by providing them with value to improve the relationship with potential customers.

But how are we going to get them to open the mail? Throughout the day we receive many. ?

Importance of a good issue for email marketing campaigns

The subject of the email is the first impact they receive when they open the email inbox.

So in a nut words, you have to say a lot for users to decide to open it and read the whole body of the mail.

As we said, every day we receive a lot of emails, and users perceive that most are SPAM.

we want to draw attention to them opening the email
Attract attention to open mail

So in order for them to end up opening it, we will have to get their attention, and we can do this with the email issue.

In conclusion: you have to convince him that it is worth opening your email. ?

Features that should include a good email issue

For it to be considered an appropriate email subject, it should meet a number of features.

And in turn so that it is able to attract the user’s attention:

subject with direct message to get attention
The matter should be short and direct, it says “Hello, I’m here”

Of all these features, it will depend on the user being convinced to open the email.

Examples of subject ideas for email marketing campaign

There are countless examples that can serve as a hook and that the user feels trapped and feels the need to open the mail.

We will divide them into different “sections” according to the feeling it provokes:

Requesting that they take action

This is called, including a CTA.

You draw his attention by asking for something, which usually includes an imperative verb.

Something like “Get this discount now by filling out the form”.

Using the FOMO technique

Generating the feeling of urgency for them to open.

If they don’t open it now, they won’t be able to take advantage of it any other time.

It’s helpful to take advantage of seasonality, for example from Black Friday: “Only today, fast, 50% off!”

It is also important to highlight what is mentioned in the features, which is true, because if the offer is then maintained, users will no longer believe you.

feeling of urgency
Transmits to users urgency to open mail with limited offers

Customize the subject

You can customize the subject by including the customer name of the database.

This can be done thanks to the CRMs that companies have.

The user, if he feels he is trying to say something to himself, may catch his eye more.

One example might be, “Alice, we have something to tell you.”

Asking them a question

In the subject will come the question, from which users will want to have the answer, and they will have it if they open the mail.

This way, the possible leads will be curious and want to find out.

An example: “Do you know the fashion of crop tops for men?”

Shifts or punctuation marks

You can uncheck this way of writing by affecting the tone of the message and capturing the customer’s gaze.

For example: “NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH!!!”

use punctuation marks in the subject line of your email marketing campaign
Use punctuation marks in the subject line of your email marketing campaign

Boost your brand

You can enhance your brand by showing in a few words the benefits it will bring to users.

Always take advantage of and add to the subject adjectives that leave the business in a good place.

For example: “The best food at an affordable price”.

Show the wishes of your users

For this, we will have to know our target very well.

Have done research and know his complaints, pains, desires, etc.

If we promise that we can resolve his complaint or satisfy his wish, he will probably open the email.

For example: “If you are tired to queue for X, we have the solution.”

If you offer discounts on the subject it will influence the opening of the email

A discount always catches the eye, we all want to pay less.

If you tell him the percentage he will have off, he can do the calculation of how much it can cost him and whether to convince himself to open the email and then take advantage and make the purchase.

For example: “We have a 30% discount on your next purchase because you are a partner in our store.”

The message of “being a partner of the store” will also make he feels special.

Start your email marketing strategy

There are no more excuses, you can no longer say “I do email marketing shipments and the opening rate is very low”.

Now you can start applying these tricks to draw attention to the issue and see if that open rate goes up.

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