6 mobile web design recommendations

Web Design and Development 28 July 2023

Nowadays, design is a very important part of a website, in order to provide a more enjoyable experience when visiting it. A large part of users use mobile devices, so we should know how to adapt our website to them.

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What is web design

web design
is a very important part of digital
digital marketing
because it is the first image that your brand gives.

Your website is the first thing a customer sees about your brand and, also, depending on the quality of your web design, the customer will like to stay, because it looks good and will be pleasant for the user.

If users stay on your website, they will stay longer viewing your products and services, thus having more chances to become customers.

Web design is also a resource to differentiate yourself from the competition. Having eye-catching web design resources will make potential customers more interested in visiting your website and not those of your competitors.

Why mobile web design is important

Traditionally, in web design it has been very popular to design web pages for computers, but, even if it was useful in the past, nowadays focusing your web pages only for the size of monitors and the loading capacity of computers is a huge mistake.

Today, there is a gigantic proportion of users who use cell phones. The number is so large that today more than 50% of cybernauts are cell phone users, surpassing computers.

So if you were to design a website for only one type of device, mobile design would be best.

However, there is a better strategy to follow compared to choosing just one design for your web pages, responsive design.

responsive design
is about making the page content automatically adapt to the dimensions of the device, thus having less work in making a page design for each type of device.

This strategy happens because the sizes of the page elements are defined in percentages and not in absolute values. In addition, items that would still not fit on the screen would be placed underneath. In any case, these elements could be modified to be displayed through a menu or not displayed at all, since the change of width in relation to height can be problematic when wanting to display the same information in the same place on computer and cell phone.

By opting for responsive design, you have all the advantages that can give you designs oriented to all devices, such as mobiles, computers and tablets.

Device versatility

Of course, by using a responsive design you get that any user in the world can view your web pages without any problem, without worrying about the type of devices they can use.

Saves time and effort ⏰

This point is a consequence of the previous one, because if your web pages adapt automatically, the web developer saves a lot of work and effort, since almost all the process is automated thanks to responsive design.

Some examples of CMS that use responsive design include

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Achieve better search engine positioning

Having a responsive design surprisingly also improves the position of your web pages when searched by the search engine. In this case, Google, in April 2015, considered that it wanted websites to have a responsive design, thus making it possible for all devices to seamlessly view all web pages.

To achieve this, Google, in its search engine, penalizes in the list of searched web pages the web pages that do not use this strategy; so if you use a responsive web design, Google will not penalize your web pages.

Improving your position in the search engines is a technique
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Get better data

By having a design adapted for all device sizes, the data obtained on, for example, the number of people performing a specific action on one of your web pages will be more truthfulThis is because it will be corrupted by users who, due to problems with the design of that web page, are less likely to be noticed because it appears too small, or not at all.

Better data gives you the opportunity to improve your conversion rate (CRO), because you can know which designs are better than others for your website, so that you can get more customers and salesThe users will be more called to action, thanks to designs that favor it.

One CRO technique is the A/B test, which consists of testing two groups of different people on the experience on a web page, but with a small change: the element that we have doubts about whether it improves our CRO.

Being able to perform this test is possible thanks to the elimination of several variables that could give us erroneous data, so do not hesitate to improve the design of your website with a responsive design.

Interested in CRO? You will be interested in the article
everything you need to know about CRO

6 mobile web design recommendations

Now that you know how important it is to adapt the design to fit all device sizes, we give you 6 design recommendations specifically for mobile devices.

Don’t miss them!

Improved loading speed

A very notorious problem with cell phones is that, due to the lower resources available on a cell phone, the web pages that they download, when visited, take too long to load, thus discouraging further visits to those web pages.

Therefore, it is very important to keep an eye on this, reducing the size of elements to be downloaded, the redirections and, if applicable, reducing the quality of the images.

Try to compress your website into 1 page

Contrary to websites designed for desktop, mobile websites, preferring to load as few elements as possible, prefer single-page websites.

Uses useful links for cell phones

There are very useful links that work on cell phones, in order to automate actions for the user. Links such as “tel:number”, “sms:number” and “mailto:email” within a tag “<a href:link>Text</a>” automate the basic actions that a phone can perform from your web site.

Keep in mind the small size of the phones ✅

Cell phones are small in size, so your web pages still need to look clean and clear. Therefore, with the help of responsive design, grouping some information in menus or simply omitting information, it can be very useful to not overwhelm the user when they visit your web pages.

Uses vertical navigation

Horizontal navigation on a web page is cumbersome due to the size of cell phones. It is better to take advantage of the height of cell phones by adding vertical navigation.

Watch out for text and buttons

Using a font size that is too small or not leaving enough space between buttons and links are problems that are magnified on mobile devices. Adapting these elements to the phones will provide a better user experience.

You already know the keys to mobile web design; now, let’s design!

You already know how to design your web pages oriented to cell phones. It’s time to apply it and design your web pages!
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