6 e-commerce trends in 2021

Digital Marketing 17 November 2021

We are sure that during this last year you will have heard the term e-commerce many times.

But what is it really and what are the current trends?

E-commerce is the business of now and the future

If you want to stay up to date, stay and enjoy this article. ?

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is nothing more than a store that operates exclusively through the Internet.

More specifically, it refers to transactions between buyers and sellers through an online platform that manages collections and payments.

This can be done through the computer, although currently more and more is committed to mobile commerce or m-commerce.

Of course, beyond these transactions, part of this type of trade is the services that are given during the sale, or the methods of expansion of commerce through marketing.

E-commerce allows shopping anywhere and anytime

6 current e-commerce trends

At the speed that the internet grows and its use, it is vitally important to stay informed about trends.

Even technologies that we didn’t think would become commonly applied like artificial intelligence have found their place here.

Today we give you a hand and bring you some of the trends that are gaining more weight.

1. Chatbots

If a physical store has a clerk, why wouldn’t an online store have it?

From recommending products to solving doubts about shipments or returns, these friendly assistants are the first help that the user receives when entering.

And it’s as simple as installing it, setting up some automatic replies and…voilà! When a user enters your site, they will be prompted with a chat for help.

In addition, there are some that are even endowed with artificial intelligence. That is, they learn alone to give a better answer every time.

We do not lack so much to get to live as in I, robot.

Chatbots enable a better shopping experience

2. Voice search

“Alexa, find me the definition of marketing.”

If we tell you this, surely you already know what we mean by voice search.

Well, functions can be included in electronic commerce so that users do not have to write everything, and can give voice orders.

In addition, they have changed the way of doing SEO: short keywords are over, now you have to bet on longtails. Think about how you would dictate it to your mobile.

3. Eco-friendly shipping

This is closely linked to sustainable business.

One of the most important values for brands is “eco-friendly”, especially for younger targets.

And since these make up the bulk of e-commerce sales, you have to make sure you comply with it in all phases. Shipping included.

So the recommendation is to look for carriers that give you the option to offset carbon emissions.

This trend is born from concern for the environment

4. Shoppable content or buy from content

This trend is a bit of a Trojan horse. And it is also linked to one of the marketing trends: content marketing.

It’s easy: any content you generate on the network is linked to the page where you can buy it.

And even on some platforms (such as Instagram) the direct purchase of the product is allowed.

So now we have to work even more on content marketing, and by the way we can implement shoppable content.

5. Give everything a second life with recommerce

Following in the line of sustainable shops, right now consumers are also betting on second-hand products.

And that’s what recommerce is all about: online stores that are dedicated to the sale of used items.

This trend has been going on for several years, but we are convinced that from now on it will be even more so.

Recommerce is fashionable

6. Support local business, but with online shopping

We may think that the Internet is something that is used to get very far, to the other side of the globe.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, really.

Because of COVID-19 there are many companies that have had to adapt to this new business model. And so the local e-commerce was born.

For some time now there has been a movement among consumers in favor of local shopping.

So, although the adaptation of business has been running and in a hurry, it is an effort that is paying off.

If we combine something that we like as the purchase through the Internet, with the consumption of local product (and support for the business), surely something positive will come out.

Tips to maintain your e-commerce

In addition to keeping up with ecommerce trends, you also need to keep up with what you already have.

We take advantage of this post to remind you of some things about the maintenance of e-commerce.

Jump into e-commerce trends

We have already explained some of the trends that you can start applying in your e-commerce.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Go ahead… Dare with these e-commerce trends!


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