5 ways to use clickbait correctly in digital marketing

Digital Marketing 17 October 2022

Clickbait is the order of the day.

Although it does not have a very good reputation now, this is one of the best techniques to attract user traffic on your products.

There are many ways to do this and not all of them have to be wrong.

In digital marketing you can create a natural and effective clickbait with which you can attract a much larger number of readers. And this without having to enter into the stigma of “fake news”. ❌

At Kiwop we can help you with this technique and many more.

If you want to use this digital marketing strategy for your company, stay and find out what clickbait is.

We’ll tell you!

What is clickbait

Clickbait is a digital marketing technique with which a greater number of clicks is achieved by inciting the public and thus visiting what we want.

Eye-catching headlines are used that make the reader want to enter and continue reading that about what he has clicked.

The more visits to the web, the more monetization through advertising. The CTR (Click Throught Rate), all the times you’ve entered that link, and the higher the chances are that the campaign will achieve its goals.


Advantages of clickbait

Clickbait has multiple advantages if you know how to use it properly. Do you want to know some? Here are 5 examples!

Generate visits

Titles that are created with the intention of clickingbait are more attractive, therefore, you will have more and more users. And these will attract more audiences if they share that page.

Increase your brand image

The more visits you have, the more people will recognize your brand. It will be much easier to access a new audience thanks to the visibility you will have with your image. Use it to make a place for yourself in the market!

Increase CTR in ads

The CTR (Click Through Rate) is the click-through rate that measures how much performance your keywords are having and will increase the CTR of your ads. Thanks to this you will have a better positioning and your article will be considered more relevant.

Share your message

If you generate more web traffic of your brand you will be able to share your message to much more public. With clickbait you get a greater number of readers. You will have more chances to get your message to whoever you want. ‍ ‍ ‍


If the title attracts a lot of people and your content is appreciated by readers, it will be very easy to go viral, as it will be shared more and more. Do not settle for your readers to see it, keep in mind that all of them can share it with people who do not yet know you.

Disadvantages of clickbait

Although clickbait is a very effective tool, it also has its disadvantages if we do not use it as we should. Here are 5 drawbacks that you should take into account!

Sensational headlines

You should avoid creating a lot of expectation with the headline so that later the content can be disappointing. That will make the reader avoid entering more to your links.

Low user quality

If you fall into the bad headlines, the quality of your audience will also decrease because you will not be giving content at the height of it.

Bad reputation

If your readers are left with a bad first impression, it will hurt your brand image . Make sure that your content is not considered of poor quality.

There are penalties

Platforms such as Facebook and Google begin to penalize those contents with signs of abusive clickbait. If the time spent on the page is low, it means that the content is of low quality and only attracts by the title.

Audience you didn’t expect

It is true that you manage to reach many more people and this is always interesting. But sometimes the target audience is not entirely marked, since clickbait seeks the massification of the public. Then there will be an audience that will not be of interest to you.

Sound like a hoax?

The strict translation of clickbait is “click bait”.

In its beginnings it was used only to attract users regardless of the content of the product. It only sought to encourage the reader to click on that link.

Currently, many pages that can hint at misleading content just by clicks are being restricted. For that you have to know how we introduce the information in our digital marketing articles.

If you want to know the importance of quality content, discover it in our blog.

Now that you know what it is… We’ll show you how to use clickbait and what mistakes to avoid!


5 tips for an effective clickbait in digital marketing

1. Make lists

It is a very common practice in clickbait. It is proven that the public loves enumerations. Therefore, it takes advantage of the lists and divides the information so that it can be visually easy.

It also helps to position the article because Google gives recognition to those who organize the information and facilitate reading.

2. Use relevant data

When you use real data in the title, you offer important information that does not lead to thinking about deception. Above all they have to be verified and if you provide the sources from where you have taken the information you get the reader to give it more credibility.

3. !? Question and Answers

In this case you have two options. Pose a question to your readers who need to respond and read your content. Open the door to a new question where you have the answer.

In any case, if you already know what questions your audience has, you have to give them to understand that they will find that answer they want by entering the page they want. Create a title that makes it clear that you are going to give a clear answer and you are going to solve all the doubts you have about it.

4. ⚠ Use imperative verbs

This is a subtle technique to prompt the reader to do what you want them to do. You address him directly with a call to action.

It’s not an obligation, but you have to give that sense of need to the reader to do what is asked of them. That doing so will feel that the article you have read has been useful for your day to day.

5. Appeal to emotions

Do not leave indifferent the audience you want to attract. Even so, do not exaggerate, use positive emotions without being sensationalist.

You can also give a sense of mystery or suspense with which you generate a slight curiosity to the reader.

In case there is something that has not been clear to you, in Kiwop we offer you more information on how to use clickbait.

5 Examples of Successful Clickbait

“The 10 advantages of using our templates!”

In this case we use an enumeration to make the reader think about all the good things about using that product. In this way, we have already directed it towards the page we want.

As we’ve said before, lists make it easier to understand the readership, so the more divided information the easier it will be for your audience.

“Don’t use any more nails, use our glue even more resistant.”

Give the consumer a choice to change something you know they may want. Provide a solution.

Even if he does not have that problem, you make him appear in his life and at the moment you give him a solution that he did not need before. You can combine it with the enumerations in the form of steps to follow.

“Do you want better performance of your computer while you work?”

You create a need for the client to click on the link and know what you offer. If you know that your audience works with a computer and needs a minimum of power, take advantage of it to facilitate improvements from your company.

Make it necessary for them to need that information and not be difficult for them to access it with your articles. If you connect it with other of your links, you also increase web traffic on your other pages.

Appeal to the emotions of the consumer!

“Start saving with our method!”

The imperative verb attracts the consumer to want what they are reading. You can make that person carry out the action you ask for and at the same time facilitate the execution so that they think they need your help. The client will enter the page to know more about what we are talking about.

“70% of the dust in your home is caused by… avoid it with our product.”

If you use data they have to be true and contrasted so as not to deceive the public. When they provide technical information, it encourages the reader to check it by entering the page that is offered.

Use it in the title so that an important fact is already provided at the beginning. The reader will understand that if that data is relevant, there will be many more in the entire article to which it is addressed.

4 tips you should not commit in your clickbaits

Long and unremarkable titles

It is evident that, if the title does not attract the reader, clickbait will no longer take effect. Try to have it well thought out. It is the key for that person to decide whether to click on the link and continue reading or ignore it, since it does not seem interesting enough.

Misleading content

As we have already seen, this method does not have a good reputation. If you do not include good information in the link you will not get it to have reading permanence.

You can have a great title that makes them enter the page, but it is also essential that you know how to keep them inside. If it will not suggest that the clickbait you are using is not the right one and will end up penalizing you.

Information already seen

Use new information to get attention. Take advantage of some recent event to get people interested in what you offer.

If you can relate that fact to the topic you want to discuss, people will be much more interested in being a new and updated news.

Do not add links

Thanks to the links you can verify and add more data so that the user who accesses your article can get more information. Don’t fall short with links to other pages if that adds more value to your content.

Now it’s your turn to clickbait!

Viralize your digital marketing campaigns and make your business grow more with good clickbait techniques.

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At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development ande-commerce.

Dare to use clickbait with our tips!


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