5 secrets about Magento

Content Marketing 14 September 2022

Do you know Magento? Do you know all its utilities and advantages? Do you want to set up an online store and do not decide which e-commerce tool to choose?

Having a quality online store is a catalyst to increase the sales of your e-commerce.

Therefore, today we let you know the secrets of Magento.

At Kiwop, we are experts in digital marketing and today you will learn about the Magento tool.

Ready to learn 5 secrets about Magento?

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What is Magento

Magento is a content manager specialized in virtual stores, also known as CMS.

Being specialized, Magento has all the tools you need to be able to carry out the construction of your virtual store.

This platform also has the characteristic of being modular and scalable, so adding functions or increasing the size of your store would not be any inconvenience.

Another property of Magento is that it is open source, so anyone with the necessary knowledge can develop modules for Magento.

Magento comes to win in duel to great e-commerce content managers such as WooCommerce in WordPress and PrestaShop, if you want to reach the best quality, since Magento has all the tools you can dream of to control all the functions of your store.

To give you an idea, large multinational companies such as Nike, Nestlé, Ford, Samsung or Lenovo use Magento in order to sustain and customize their online store, but that does not mean that medium and small companies can not use Magento.

If you need help with this CMS, ask us for help. We are experts in Magento!

Advantages of using Magento

Before using Magento, you should know what it offers versus most of the rest of the content management market.

Ready to learn about some reasons to use Magento?

It’s free

With Magento always you can create your virtual store for free: design the website, insert and classify your products… really almost all the tools are the same as the paid version; only if your virtual store does not require large resources, Magento in its free version is a good solution.

This paid version (called Enterprise) is more focused on large companies that require the help of Magento support in addition to better functionality when scaling the number of products and traffic. In short: support and more performance.

Specialized in e-commerce

Unlike other alternatives that offer everything, Magento specializes in e-commerce, so you can do practically anything related to online stores.

Native SEO

Magento from its installation offers the advantage of SEO: a better positioning of web pages in search engines.

This is crucial so that your potential customers can see you first when they look for the services of your store, because if your customers do not see your store, your customers do not know that it exists.

High performance for large enterprises

Where other platforms fail, Magento Enterprise is able to sustain your huge store of tens of thousands of products and with overwhelming traffic, having a fast speed in all these processes that would make the customer have to wait too long for the loading of the pages of the store.

So Magento is also prepared so that your store can be scaled up in case you want to increase its size or if you have too much traffic than your website can handle.

Disadvantages of using Magento

Like any other CMS, Magento has its drawbacks depending on your focus on your store, because as Magento is so focused on large stores and high customization with code, logically consequently, if it is not of your interest, it is a disadvantage.

Too many customization options

Magento is aimed at large companies, and these require many customizations. If running a small store is your case, so many options can be uncomfortable to be able to customize what your small store really requires.

Code knowledge

Related to the previous point, such a high level of customization is acquired thanks to the fact that Magento allows you to use development and programming languages.

If you don’t have such knowledge or don’t have an agency to help develop your website, this can be a problem.

Therefore, at Kiwop, we would be happy to help you. Contact us!

The Enterprise license is relatively expensive

This license is made to boost the store of large companies thanks to all the tools it contains, but… with a cost.

If your store does not require such tools, by not requiring much customization or simply that it is too small, when acquiring the Enterprise license you would be exceeding the functions it brings.

Then you would have to opt for the free version, which really has almost all the functionalities, but especially without the customer support that Magento would offer, to serve those companies that are on the tightrope at all times.

5 secrets about Magento

Now that you know what Magento does and what its advantages are, the time has come to know more information, go a step further and know 5 secrets about Magento.

It has integrated analytics

By having an analytics, you can collect all that information in your favor to be able to know if your strategies pay off or which products or services are the bestsellers.

Check your billing in different timelines and categories, your best-selling product or service, the average ticket and number of tickets.

Everything you can know can be at your fingertips with effective web analytics.

Integrated multilingual translation

Are you tired of translating every page of your website into different languages? Magento does this quickly to save all that time on translations.

It’s as easy as hitting a button and Magento will translate all your pages thanks to its advanced translator.

The most powerful on the market

It is common for online stores to enlarge their list of products and increase their user traffic go slow, since the tool they use is not adapted for it.

Luckily, Magento is a specialist, so when you buy products, edit them, create them or, really, anything, your website will load much faster than the competition of other content managers, thus making your customers have a less crude search while visiting your website.

More loading speed = Better positioning in the search engine

You read that right: Magento is the most powerful tool on the market in its CMS sector. Google rewards that by positioning your website better, just as a good SEO positioning would, thus increasing the traffic of potential customers.

This is crucial, since all the marketing tools for your website are few, because the more people visit your website, the more sales you will get.

Choose from thousands of templates

Designing a website from scratch is tedious, but Magento helps you choose the perfect design, so you can start your page design career with turbo.

Once you have selected a template, it can still be customized as you want to give those small personal touches.

The design of your store can be customized, with the necessary knowledge, using code, in order to modify it to the maximum.

You already know the secrets of Magento; It’s time to create your online store!

It is very clear that Magento is superior to the competition of content managers of online stores thanks to the great help it offers with all its power and customization.

Want to know more about Magento? Read our articles about what you haven’t been told about Magento or when, why, and which version to choose from Magento.

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