3 steps to creating a social media marketing strategy

Digital Marketing 27 June 2022

Having a marketing strategy in social networks is fundamental, since marketing in social networks encompasses all those activities and actions whose objective is to promote the brand through the different platforms that exist.

It should be noted that social media marketing strategies offer great potential for any type of business.

In addition, social networks are perfect for increasing the reach of your communications, interacting with your community and improving the results of your marketing strategy.

If you want to know how to create a social media marketing strategy, in Kiwop, we explain how to do it.


The importance of having a good social media strategy

Having a good strategy in social networks is important since, in them, the image we want to project will be reflected. In this way, working on the content of the publications is a basic requirement to gain brand awareness.

In addition, you have to take into account that 87% of the population makes use of social networks daily in Spain and, on average, users spend two hours of the day on the different platforms.

Another relevant fact to take into account, in addition to the hours that users invest in social networks, is that they are the second channel of online searches of brands behind search engines such as Google.

Google logo
Google is the main Internet search engine

Social networks are the perfect channel to build a quality relationship with your target audience and, in addition, they allow you to segment your audience and increase the visibility of your campaigns and promotions.

Thanks to having a marketing strategy in social networks you will be able to obtain very valuable information to know what the needs of the users are.

If you have a company it is essential to have a social media strategy since, if you do not have one, you can create a negative image among your community of followers and potential customers.

Below, we provide you with a list of the benefits that investing resources in your social media strategy can bring you:

Another relevant aspect before starting your strategy in social networks is to know how to identify which of them your buyer persona is, in addition to knowing what your objectives are.

If you want to know more about what social media is and which ones to use, visit us on Kiwop.

The tools to improve your marketing strategy

The digital environment has tools with which to improve your social media marketing strategy.

We reveal the 4 best! ⬇

Google Analytics

Google Analytics es una herramienta gratuita que te proporciona información relacionada con el tráfico que llega a tu página web. En ella podrás ver de donde vienen los usuarios y, además, te da información demográfica y de comportamiento de tu audiencia. 

google analytics
Interface with information from Google Analyitcs

In short, thanks to the use of this tool you will be able to compare the results between the different channels and it will allow you to know which is the social network that gives you more value and where to invest more.

Analytics of each social network

Each of the different social networks have their own detailed statistics so you can analyze the posts that have worked best and get to know your audience better.


The Canva tool is free and will allow you to create quick creative designs. It is a simple and intuitive program that allows you to create and design all kinds of graphic content for your social media marketing strategies.


Metricool es una herramienta gratuita y te va a permitir planificar contenidos, monitorizar tus redes sociales y analizar tus publicaciones desde el propio programa. 

This tool is ideal for generating reports on the evolution of your social media marketing strategy and, in addition, allows you to control the main metrics.

3 Steps to Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

To create a social media marketing strategy we reveal the 3 steps to follow ⬇

Definition of objectives and metrics

Before starting your social media strategy, you will have to set yourself some objectives that must be aligned with the objectives of the business. So, there is a set of questions that you should ask yourself before you start.

In this sense, the most common examples of objectives in a social media marketing strategy are:

In addition, you should also consider what metrics or KPIs you are going to use to measure your objectives and, the most common are:

Select the right social networks

Knowing the social networks in which your buyer persona is present is essential so that you can invest your resources efficiently and obtain better results. That is, it is better to have few profiles on social networks and well worked than not to have many profiles and neglected.

Below we provide you with a list with the main social networks:

Instagram phone logo
Instagram is the ideal social network to share your graphic content

Create a content plan and editorial calendar

The next step is to develop a content plan where you can define, through an editorial calendar, what material you will publish on the different social networks for a certain time.

Both in the content plan and the editorial calendar you must include: the weekly frequency of publications in each social network, the type of content and the hours in which to carry out the publications.

If you need help creating content, contact us at Kiwop, we are experts.

Apply a social media marketing strategy

Now you know what are the steps to follow to create a social media marketing strategy.

If you need help or want us to solve any questions related to your business, we will be happy to do so.

Contact us or follow us on our Instagram profile for more information about digital marketing.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Bet on a social media marketing strategy


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