10 Tips for Optimizing e-commerce on Black Friday

Digital Marketing 13 November 2020

Black Friday is just around the corner.

Each year, purchases on these marked dates are multiplied.

And it’s not like we’ve been celebrating all our lives.

In fact, in Spain it began to be mentioned back in 2012.

But it already seems to be one more tradition.

In 2019, more than 80% of Spanish businesses made discounts for Black Friday.

And overall turnover was billions of euros.

Especially thanks to the digital world.

Because yes, if you have an e-commerce,your chances of doing August in November are very high.

But of course, you must know how to do it right.

More than once we have been contacted by e-commerce managers asking how to optimize their online store for Black Friday.

Not bad.

Different actions have to be carried out.

And in this article we reveal the advice we say to them.


#1 make sure your e-commerce can withstand many visits at once

That Black Friday is crazy, we know that.

That’s why we have to be cautious.

The main thing to keep in mind is the performance of your e-commerce.

You have to make sure the servers can withstand a high flow of visits.

In other words: don’t pete and run out of Black Friday.

Although it seems obvious to consider, there are businesses that don’t go through their heads.

The result?

E-commerce completely collapsed and zero income.

#2 Design Counts (and a lot)

We recommend that you take the opportunity to review the design of your website and set it up for Black Friday.

A good idea is to create specific banners for these discounts.

You can put them in the home, in pop ups, etc.

The main thing is that your e-commerce maintains beautiful visual consistency,and also reminds the user that Black Friday is coming.

In addition, you can include some details in certain areas of the web to give it an even more“black”look.

Try, for example, changing the top bar and putting it black.

So the whole web will look more characteristic of Black Friday.

Top bar e-commerce for Black Friday
With the black top bar, your e-commerce will be visually highly prepared for Black Friday

#3 Have your Black Friday landing page ready

Users need to be clear about what discount s you’lloffer on your e-commerce on Black Friday.

Also, if you plan to take any specific marketing action and have to explain it to your followers to get it done correctly, you must have a place to provide the information.

A very good idea is to summarize your Black Friday actions in a special landing page that you create just for this purpose.

Briefly explain (and as visually as possible) what discounts there will be and what dynamics will be carried out on the web.

Well, even add testimonials from customers who bought on Black Fridays past explaining their experience with your brand.

And don’t forget to motivate them to subscribe to the newsletter. ?

A good example of Black Friday landing is this one from Freshly Cosmetics.

Example landing page e-commerce
Black Friday landing page example

#4 The Power of the Newsletter on Black Friday

In addition to the previous point, we recommend that you give fire to your email marketing.

It will be the most direct way to let your followers know that you have something very fat prepared for Black Friday.

Create expectation with a sequence of newsletters and prepare the ground.

For example, start the week before sending every 2-3 days an email where you are giving information on drops.

You can also make your subscribers feel special, and even offer them an extra discount or bonus.

There’s a lot to do with email marketing. ?

#5 define which products you want to highlight on Black Friday

This way, when users enter your store, they’ll be guided and more focused on those products you’re interested in selling.

You can put them on the Home as highlights, and also add in their description phrases that incite the purchase.

For example, you can say that “X products are the ones that have been finished before in Black Fridays earlier”, or that “X product has few units”.

In this way, we play with the psychological trick of generating urgency and encourage the user to buy now.

#6 Social media as traffic generators

If you don’t already have an e-commerce profile open on social media, you’re already taking so long!

Stop reading this article and run to open it (although it then comes back, we still have more tips for you ?).

Social media is a speaker for your business, a counter for your products that always has to be active.

On the one hand, they serve to let people discover you and move from a cold audience to establish an emotional relationship with you.

On the other hand, if they already know you, it helps a lot to maintain and strengthen the relationship between the two.

But don’t go crazy and open a profile on all networks either.

Managing RRSS well takes time and resources.

And your target audience won’t be at all either.

So focus your efforts where you’re sure you’ll reach your potential customer.

For example, if you have an e-commerce of stationery products and your audience is young women, Instagram is your social network.

Look at how Mr. Wonderful does it. We love it!

Social media for black friday
Social Media to boost your e-commerce on Black Friday

#7 you have an online business, you need to invest in Ads

On Black Friday, people are in buy mode.

And you have to take advantage of this for your e-commerce.

You can invest in Google Ads to capture cold audiences and bring it to your website.

A good example is PC Components.

Google Ads Black Friday example
Use Google Ads to bring more traffic from Google to your e-commerce

We also recommend investing in ads in RRSS, such as Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Thus your e-commerce will gain notoriety,as users will see you on networks even if they have not searched for you.

And this will make there more traffic in your store.

However, always consider targeting your ads.

Don’t mount generic ad campaigns to reach the more people the better.

Shots don’t go that way.

Attack your potential audience, and you’ll have more return on investment.

Oh! And don’t forget to do remarketing.

That is, to impact with ads those users who have entered your website but have left without buying.

This reminds them that they have visited your e-commerce, and the possibility is generated that they will end up returning and finishing the purchase.

#8 Keep the Christmas campaign in mind

Yes, we’re talking about Black Friday.

But we must not forget that one of the main reasons why you buy so much on these dates is because Christmas is coming.

So we recommend that in your Black Friday communications you allude to the Christmas holidays.

And even, depending on the product you sell, you can offer gift packs, experiences, promotions related to those dates.

#9 Transmits trust and security

This is achieved by making it clear to the user that buying on your website is safe and you will not steal the data (or you will not send the order).

Add, in case you don’t already have it, the SSL certificate in your e-commerce.

It is also a very good idea to put on the footer purchase guarantee stamps so that the user knows that it is purchased on a trusted site.

Also, emphasize the issue of returns.

This way you get more sales because the user knows they can return it in case they don’t like it.

And this motivates you to buy, as you lose your fear.

#10 Social proof is very important

Keep a point out of testimonials from past customers in your e-commerce.

Knowing that other people before you have bought and liked the service and product, has domino effect.

The person feels calmer and has more reason to trust you.

Therefore, enhance this valuable resource and add testimonials to your e-commerce home, for example.

Do you have your e-commerce ready for Black Friday?

Check out all the tips we’ve left you, and if any of you haven’t set it up yet, run!

Black Friday is just around the corner, and you have your e-commerce has a chance to make the most of it.

But if you don’t have enough time to carry out these actions (we know, e-commerce have a lot of work), delegate some tasks.

At Kiwop we are specialized in development and marketing for e-commerce.

Contact us here to learn a little more about how we can help you.


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