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5 tips to improve the performance of Google Ads with a chatbot

Surely more than once you have accessed a Google Ads ad and, on the landing page, you have appeared a chat to talk directly with someone of the brand.

Well, it’s not a someone, it’s a what. And, normally, those chats that appear are chatbots.

At Kiwop, we want your business to be future. That’s why we recommend you continue reading this article with everything you need to know about how to improve the performance of Google Ads with a chatbot.

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What google ads is and how it works

Google Ads is the platform par excellence to work on SEM or Search Engine Marketing, that is, advertising through search engines.

SEM consists of working on different types of campaigns to appear in the first search results, even before organic search results. In this way, you appear to users who are actively searching for what you offer.

And Google Ads is so popular because it is Google’s SEM platform, the most used search engine worldwide.

Through Google Ads you can create different types of campaigns that are activated by keywords. If a user searches for a keyword that you’re working with your ad, that ad, if everything is well optimized, will show up giving that person everything they need. Easy, isn’t it?

Google Ads is Google’s SEM platform

Types of campaigns in Google Ads

Google Ads works with different types of campaigns, depending on what your goal is. The most popular ads and for which Google Ads started are search, those that appear in the search results.

But there are also other types of ads such as Display, Discovery, video, etc. Each of them can have different objectives, such as more views or more clicks and visits.

But in the end, and to be honest, we all know that what we are looking for most is to increase sales. And it is at this point that a chatbot can help us. Since no matter how much a user clicks on your ad and visits your website, if you do not put a series of facilities, they will leave and visit the second ad.

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What is a chatbot

And now that you know what Google Ads is and how it works, let’s go to the second essential part, what is a chatbot.

As we have mentioned at the beginning of this Blog, a chatbot is that chat that usually appears on the webs and that ask you if you need help or have any type of doubt. And no, behind these chats, there are usually no people, there are usually bots or robots.

These chatbots are software that works using AI, Artificial Intelligence, and are installed on a website or landing page. They have the main objective of extracting information and contact from users who are potentially interested in your brand and in buying.

Thus, through a series of questions and answers that are improved and perfected thanks to AI, a chatbot ends up knowing a series of essential data; name, number or mail. Thus, you already have a lead to finish working on a sale.

Chatbot example

Benefits of chatbots in Google Ads campaigns

The benefits of implementing a chatbot are many, especially if you work campaigns in Google Ads, and it improves both the contact rate and the conversion rate, also increasing the ROI in Google Ads and better optimizing your budget.

In the end, you are giving the users who visit you a totally personalized attention for 24 hours, every day of the year. Any doubt, suggestion or question can be made through the chatbot.

On the other hand, your company can optimize ROI beyond increasing profits through Google Ads. And in the end, having a chatbot decreases your investment of time and money in incorporating more staff serving your customers.

Of course! We must not forget that a chatbot will never be able to replace a submission form or calls through the phone. Although it helps to filter leads and get valuable information while improving communication with the client, you should always have time to personally attend to the users of your website if they need it.

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5 tips to improve the performance of Google Ads by adding a chatbot

It is clear that the benefits of the chatbot for the performance of your campaigns in Google Ads are many, as long as your chatbot works optimally and is focused on looking for better results. How? Read these tips! 👇

Make your chatbot look human

You know it’s not, and a lot of your users too, but making a chatbot look like a person will make the deal with the user better, so they will be more likely to talk more, give more information and leave more personal data.

Reflect your brand identity in the chatbot

The way in which the chatbot gives the answers and expressions, the emojis, the color of the chat … All this is part of your brand identity! Make your chatbot reflect everything that is part of your company’s personality. In this way, it inspires more confidence so that they start a conversation through the chatbot.

Create custom automations

Through different rules and thanks to the learning provided by AI, you can create automated rules so that the experience of your users is optimal. Incorporating the first name once they give that data or offering products or services related to what they are looking for are good examples.

Choose well what data you want to know through the chatbot

To capture all the interesting information of the user, you must ask the right and well-formulated questions. But the first thing is to establish what you want to know; your favorite products, name, mail, telephone, availability for a call, age…

Define what data you need to know about your users

Make sure the link between your chatbot and your CRM

It is useless to spend your budget on ads and define your chatbot 100% based on objectives if you do not take into account the link. Where does that data go? Do you have them registered? Are they part of your Database?

To do this, the ideal is that you have a CRM and link it directly with your chatbot. In this way, each and every one of the data captured by this chat will be saved in this customer relationship management software.

Take advantage of the benefits of chatbots to boost your campaigns in Google Ads

You already know all the benefits of the chatbot and what it means to improve conversion and sales through Google Ads campaigns. While campaigns attract highly qualified users to a website, the chatbot is responsible for converting them into potential customers.

Now it’s your turn.

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