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What they haven’t told you about Magento

Magento… What? Wait, let’s go by parts.

The upward trend in e-commerce was clear, but with the pandemic, online purchases by users have skyrocketed.

Online shopping has skyrocketed. And with Magento, you can create your online store.

As businesses, we will always want to sell more. So, if you have an online store that desire will be fulfilled, because more and more purchases are made through the Internet: the comfort and speed it provides to customers favors this fact.

With Magento, you can create it.

What are you waiting for? Read on, and we’ll tell you more things you need to know.

What is Magento

Exactly, it is an open source platform that facilitates the development of online stores.

It is a CMS, that is, a content manager, like WordPress (which we talked about a few days ago), but specialized in e-commerce and with all the functionalities that it entails.

There are others such as Prestashop or WooComerce, but this one has positioned itself as one of the best.

With the development of online stores on this platform, it also allows you to control all the internal functions and all the elements that an e-commerce website must have.

It should be said that for a normal user it can be quite difficult to use, but for an agency (as we are ?) it is one of the most used.

You can use internal system tools such as:

  • Product catalogs

  • Helps plan online marketing strategies

  • SEO analysis: for the web and for the products in particular

  • Control of sales, products and customers
In Magento, you can develop your sales catalogs

Advantages and disadvantages of using Magento

Like everything in this life, nothing is perfect. And Magento is no less: it can bring you many advantages, but it also has its disadvantages to take into account.

Advantages of this CMS

  • It is the most powerful CMS of online stores on the market.

  • Easy installation.

  • It is a scalable system. You can start with a small volume of data and as you increase, Magento will also do it with you.

  • It is very customizable. With many templates, and many of them free.

  • It is versatile. Yes, it is more difficult for a normal user, but it can be used by both agencies, and small companies with small volume or international companies, it suits everyone.

  • You can use several tools available to you.

  • It has a lot of loading speed, and that makes it position well in the Google search engine, since it is one of the requirements for the ranking.

  • Adapt online stores to all devices.

Disadvantages of this CMS

  • If you want your online store to be somewhat more personalized, you will need to have knowledge about code and programming.

  • The admin panel is complicated. You have many options, but having so many things makes things complicated.

  • It is focused more on medium and large companies.

  • It can become very expensive. It is one of the most expensive Enterprise licenses.

  • Customization will be slow, because you’ll need the code knowledge.
One of the drawbacks is that for the development of online stores in Magento requires knowledge in programming

Curiosities they haven’t been told you about Magento

Here, I’m going to tell you secrets, so you learn more about Magento and don’t leave here empty-handed.

Go ahead and discover more curiosities about this CMS:

  • Did you know that it is used by large companies such as Nike, Samsung or Nestlé?

  • It’s free at first, another thing is if you want to then buy the license.

  • Languages: the platform can translate the store into the language you want, it has hundreds of them.

  • You can customize it as you want: it has thousands and thousands of templates to modify how you want.

  • You can also add functionalities with the many free plugins that Magento has and thus make your online store more satisfactory for the customer.

  • You can use it on any server: be it Windows, Unix or Linux.

  • You can set up the payment method you want customers to do. As for example with credit card, with PayPal, with transfer, etc. At the same time, it allows you to sell in different types of currency.

  • You can incorporate the option of being able to check how the shipment of the product is located.

  • It also allows you to add discounts and thus influence the final decision of the purchases.

  • Manage users. You can control the people who have access to the online store and what kind of accesses.

  • Manage products. Go modifying them. You can change them from the catalog, or cancel or register them in the catalog. Or change the prices. In addition, you can manage how much of X product you have left in stock and go notifying customers on the web.

  • Control clients. It allows you to manage their data: what they buy, frequency of purchase, average value of the order, etc.

  • Analytics. As we have mentioned, it has its internal marketing tool, and as a result, you can analyze all kinds of metrics both marketing and e-commerce to check the state of the business.

  • Opinions. Customers will be able to leave their comment commenting on the company or product they have purchased, and in this way, influence future potential customers.

  • You can set up a newsletter so that your customers are up-to-date with everything that happens around the brand.

Magento will allow you many options to improve the user’s shopping experience and increase the average cart value

Now you know all the secrets of Magento

You already know why use this tool and not another, do not waste time.

We are experts in Magento, and we are willing to support you in everything.

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Start using Magento and sell like never before over the Internet ?

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