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The ultimate comparison: Laravel vs Symfony

Using a PHP framework is the most common solution for web development. So, in this article, we are going to explain the two most popular: Laravel and Symfony.

The first thing to keep in mind is that both Laravel and Symfony are open source.

In Kiwop, we bring you the definitive comparison between Laravel and Symfony.

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What is Laravel

Laravel is an open source framework for PHP that follows an MVC (model-view-controller) development pattern.

In addition, Laravel, due to its characteristics, provides you with a very simple coding, which allows you to reduce the development time. It also leverages components from different frameworks to create a web application. It is characterized by being simple, powerful and by its great user interface.

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What is Symfony

Symfony is a tool that allows you to create web applications using the PHP programming language. This framework is freely allowed for commercial use and allows you to modify its code.

An important fact to keep in mind when creating web applications, this framework is the one chosen by web development professionals.

In addition, thanks to the use of symfony, you can tackle from small web projects to complex websites.

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4 similarities between Laravel and Symfony

When selecting a framework it is essential to know the similarities. For that reason, we provide you with a list of the common points that you can find between Laravel and Symfony.

  • These are the two frameworks that are most used when programming in PHP
  • They provide you with the necessary tools to work in PHP efficiently
  • They have great performance when it comes to working on PHP projects
  • Employ template engines to provide an optimal view to the user

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5 differences between Laravel and Symfony

At this point, we show you what are the differences between Laravel vs Symfony.

Speed of development

If you are interested in developing small projects in PHP we recommend that you use Laravel since it is much more flexible and is not as demanding as Symfony.

However, if you are interested in working on more complex projects, Symfony is your option since it provides you with greater speed in performance and scalability in the long term.

Ease of use

As far as ease of use is concerned, Laravel has an interface that has been designed to make life easier for its users. Instead, Symfony employs the Twig template engine that offers a good user experience, but is more difficult to use than Laravel.

Therefore, learning to use Laravel is easier than mastering all the possibilities offered by Symfony.

Power and performance

If you’re interested in power, Symfony has a more powerful core than Laravel.

If we focus on performance, Laravel has always stood out in this aspect above Symfony. Despite this, symfony thanks to the latest updates offers a very similar performance.

Work with database

Although the two frameworks facilitate many tasks to operate with databases relationships, Symfony, in this aspect, has a great advantage when automating migrations, while in Laravel you have to write the code by hand.

Development costs

The cost of developing in Laravel is smaller for most PHP projects.

On the contrary, in complex and long-term web projects, using symfony you will save costs since it is more scalable.

As a conclusion we can say that if what you are looking for is a solid, powerful and scalable framework, to address all kinds of projects your solution is Symfony.

While if you are looking for a framework for day to day and small projects that require speed of development and dynamism, your option is Laravel.

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Choose the framework that suits you best: Laravel vs Symfony

We hope you have been served by our comparison between Laravel and Symfony.

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