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In Kiwop we are specialists in Social Ads and in creating campaigns and advertising adapted to each social network. Through advertising on social networks we get your company to reach your target audience and increase traffic and sales on your website. We tell you how!

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If you want to have the website you want or increase the online visibility of your brand, we know how to do it.

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What are Social Ads

Each social network has its own advertising platform through which strategies, advertising campaigns, audiences with different objectives such as increasing online traffic, increase your brand awareness or grow your sales and ROI are created.

Thus, you can work on your brand advertising depending on which social network your target may be on. Tiktok Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Pinterest Ads… It will not be necessary to work all of them, but it will be necessary to be in those where your target audience is! From Kiwop, we help you to choose the ideal social network to work advertising on social networks in the most efficient way.

How do we work in Kiwop advertising on social networks?

In Kiwop we have a department specialized in advertising and Social Ads, we will be happy to meet your goals! To carry out a good strategy in Social Ads we start with a Kick-off meeting to get to know each other a little better, we want to know everything about your brand to establish common goals and reach the top in social media advertising. Your target, your brand identity and your objectives, our expert team in online advertising  will be in charge of creating the best strategy in Social Ads for you.

We work following the OKR methodology, we establish a list of objectives to achieve and a deadline for it. In the meantime, we will create your campaigns, segment audiences, interests and keywords and launch your Social Ads campaigns analyzing day by day possible improvements and optimizing its performance to reach the objectives.

Tiktok Ads

Tiktok Ads is the best alternative to reach a new type of audience, especially if your target is young people. Tiktok Ads are relatively new and very efficient in terms of CPA. Moreover, if you are interested in brand awareness, advertising campaigns on Tiktok will help you achieve this goal.

Instagram advertising

Advertising on Instagram is worked through Meta or Facebook Ads, and we love doing it! Since Instagram Ads allows great creativity and various formats for ads, not to mention its possibilities for direct sales through catalog campaigns if you have an e-commerce.

Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook Ads, now Meta, works very well as it encompasses Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising. Facebook Ads campaigns allow many variations and types of ads to reach your target in different ways or through different objectives. Whether to gain traffic, get leads, increase sales or work on your brand awareness, we are experts in working this type of campaigns in Social Ads.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads provides many advantages to work with your company’s advertising. We will create, manage and optimize the ideal ads for you and your brand, segmenting well by audiences and interesting keywords for your target audience to find all your products and services.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Ads is another platform to work on social media advertising. If your brand focuses on fashion, home improvement, construction or makeup, this is the place for you! Our digital marketing team will help you choose the best creatives and formats to make an impact on this social network and increase your sales. In fact, Pinterest ads have a higher buying power compared to other Social Ads.

LinkedIn Ads

You can’t miss LinkedIn advertising, especially if your company is B2B. Our expert department in social networks will help you choose the right tone of communication for this Social Ads platform, since here we target a more professional audience.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads can be worked from SEM advertising or from its own platform. Depending on the type of audience you are looking for, we will recommend the best option for you. YouTube Ads will help you reach your target in a different and very visual way. And if you need help with the material, in Kiwop we are experts in audiovisual content creation.

Why work Social Ads

Working advertising on social networks will help you reach your audience in a different way, since working Social Ads: You reach your audience through related interests, showing content in which he/she is potentially interested. Social media advertising campaigns can give you immediate results and short term profitability.

Return on Investment (ROI) is measurable and can be tracked as often as you want Allows you to reach your target with a greater visual impact You can work with several Social Ads platforms simultaneously and reach a large audience.

Customize your ads according to your objectives If you still have any doubts, contact us! We will be happy to advise you and start your Social Ads campaigns.

We help you get results

If you want to have the website you want or increase the online visibility of your brand, we know how to do it.

Shall we start today?