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Magento and Budget Prices: How much a Magento is worth doing

As a web development agency specialized in the creation of online stores in Magento,in Kiwop we often receive inquiries about how much it is worth to make a Magento,and our response is always the same. “Depends.”

The Magento prices and a tailor-made budget for the creation of an online store on this powerful platform depend on many factors: the complexity of the project, the number of products in the BBDD database, the number of integrations with other solutions, the requirements of SEO, web performance,and many more factors.

The vast majority of web development agencies specializing in the creation of virtual stores calculate Magento prices by estimating the number of hours they will need to invest in the project, multiplied by an hourly price. Depending on the company’s location and market position versus the competition, each web development agency’s hourly prices change significantly, and the time it will take to invest in the same project can also vary greatly between agencies depending on the experience of Magento developers and the company’s quality standards.

Elements that influence the price of a Magento

In this article we want to share with you the main factors that influence Magento prices and budget. We will talk about Magento prices and other costs associated with maintaining a store on this e-commerce platform. As a web development agency, we understand your common concerns about knowing not only the initial costs of implementation, but also the long-term maintenance costs. To learn more about Magento, don’t miss our recent article: Magento: When, Why and Which Version to Choose.

If after reading this article you still have any questions about how Magento prices work, do not hesitate to comment at the end of the article or contact us.

Factors influencing Magento prices

Below we will describe the main elements that are taken into account when setting budgets in Magento.

Initial Setup

Creating an online store in Magento involves its initial configuration on development and production servers, sometimes you also have to configure the server with advanced configuration (AWS environment, varnish caching, etc.).

Depending on the requirements, Magento’s initial setup can take several hours to several weeks.


The powerful Magento ecommerce platform provides great functionality that can meet the needs of any virtual store you want to create. Still, there are always specific requirements that may be required for each customer and adding them requires additional programming.


Design is another key element that significantly influences the price of a Magento.

Magento offers pre-created design templates, and opting for one of them can receive the Magento budget remarkably.

Magento Prices and Budget

On the other hand, you can request a custom, unique and custom design created for a specific market niche, or designed based on a brand image, with custom graphics and a detailed user experience roadmap. This second option would obviously be more expensive than the template and also the design can take weeks to months.

Importing data

Depending on the amount of data to be imported, the price of Magento may vary considerably.

If it is a small database obviously the price will be much lower than if it is an extensive database.

If a website or online store already exists and the customer wants to transfer all products, customers, orders, product ratings, in it to the new Magento virtual store,the price of the Magento creation will be increased.

There are automated tools that can perform data transfers in an automated manner, but data engineering and the experience of a Magento developer is usually required.

Importing data can take hours to weeks.

Integrations required

The most complete online stores are usually part of a system integrated with an ERP, warehouse/logistics software, supplier licenses, Google Shopping and other price aggregators, or platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and many more.

These integrations must be configured correctly, which can multiply working hours in creating the online store and grow Magento’s budget.

The settings set

Configuration settings such as shipping methods and payment methods, or pricing settings can be standard and advanced.

If methods that require advanced configuration, it can take a lot of work to set them up and as a result the number of hours spent and Magento prices would grow significantly.

Magento Maintenance Prices

Because any digital environment is constantly changing, once your virtual store has been created in Magento you may need support with maintenance tasks such as Magento online store updates, security patches, training, design work, installation of additional extensions, SEO, among others.

Our maintenance plans for online stores in Magento save you the hassle of trying to fix these issues so that they do not affect the user experience of customers of the Magento online store.

Directly after the implementation of a new store, there are several options in terms of maintenance plans:

  • A fixed fixed price per month
  • Plans established if less than 20 hours of work are known to be needed in a month
  • Hour bags (The price of hours included in the hour bags varies depending on the number of hours contracted, the more hours, the lower the price)

Additional hours will be billed at an hourly price established between the web development agency and the customer.

If the Magento online store has not been developed by our Kiwop experts, there is no problem. Prior to setting the Magento prices of the Maintenance and Optimization Plan of the virtual store, a price will be set for the setup or initial configuration,which allows us to create a development environment for the site, and also review its code.

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