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How to apply upselling and cross-selling in email marketing

What’s with upselling and cross-selling, you might be wondering.

Well, wait, did you know that email marketing is one of the channels that involves the most conversions?

Take advantage of the high conversion of email marketing to apply sales techniques

And if so, why not apply these sales techniques to further improve the value of the average order.

Watch out, read on, and you’ll see how. ?

What is upselling

Both upselling and cross-selling are sales techniques that aim to increase the customer’s order, make them buy more than they were already buying.

It consists of convincing a customer that he had already decided to buy something. It’s easier to convince a customer, so one who has to buy something first.

Increases order value with upselling and cross-selling

Now specifically, upselling is based on trying to sell you the same product that the customer already had decided, but some better and more expensive model.

For example, we are a smartphone store, and the customer comes totally convinced to buy the Huawei P30 lite, and we try to persuade him to take the P30 pro.

That’s upselling. The value of the order, if we get it, will be greater at the end.

What is cross-selling

As we said, cross-selling is another sales technique that aims to increase the value of the customer’s order.

In this case, the customer wants to buy a product, and we try to sell another complementary product to that one, so that he ends up buying both.

For example, he wants to buy the Huawei P30 that we told you in the previous explanation, and you try to sell the protective plastic and the case in addition.

Benefits of using these techniques in email marketing strategy

Applying these sales techniques in email marketing will have advantages for your online business:

  • Increase revenue. This is the main benefit that these sales techniques will bring you.
Your revenue will go up using up and cross-selling
  • You remind them. Maybe the product at that time if it caught your eye, but if you remind it days later you’ll probably end up shopping, you may have forgotten.
  • You give visibility to products that normally cost more to sell, but that because they are related to the product they maybe were interested in buy.
  • Opportunities for sale will increase. You can make a customer who had things very clear and who just wanted to buy X product, end up spending more than planned.
  • And last but not least, you also increase customer loyalty to your brand.

    He will be able to see how after the purchase you continue to care about him and that will generate confidence. In addition, customers prefer to buy all things in the same store, and not have to deal.

Now, how can we do all this?

How to apply both strategies in email marketing

It will deal with an automated marketing strategy, and will depend on the “how” it is one technique or another.

Apply upselling to your email marketing

We’ll talk about this technique first. Let’s give an example to understand it:

The customer has an account registered on your website and does search for a certain product, even adds it to the cart, but does not just make the purchase.

Emails can be automated to remind them that they have a product waiting and recommend a better product even, explaining the benefits you could get with a better model.

Another example, your product is a service in which you can have several contracted services: basic or premium.

Emails can be sent advising them to up the plan, always explaining that they could get it if they do.

Apply cross-selling to your email marketing

Applying it with cross-selling would be a similar procedure.

Knowing the product you have previously purchased, you could email the customer by customizing it and telling them that after purchasing that product you could buy these that are complementary.

Further, saying that with the other complementary products the main product experience will increase and improve.

Again, explaining the advantages you’ll get with these.

Being the custom mail will also generate more trust in the client.

Examples of both email marketing techniques

Next we will put 2 practical examples, which are one of the most typical, but they are the ones that do the best.


Amazon knows exactly what you’ve bought, what you’ve been looking for, etc.

And based on that it makes recommendations through email.

Amazon email example

Many times they make recommendations in the same confirmation email of the order placed.


Spotify is another example of what I discussed in the previous section.

You can have the free plan, and they send you emails even with offers of so many months for free for you to upgrade the plan to premium.

Spotify, clear example of how to apply upselling

In addition, we see how it tells you the main benefit you would get from climbing plan: skip all the songs you want.

Start applying these techniques to your strategy

We hope that after this article you already know well the sales techniques to increase the value of the customer’s order.

We’ve told you the benefits you’ll get if you apply it in your email marketing, as well as explain how to apply it with practical examples.

You know, take advantage of the upward trend of high openness and conversion through email marketing with these techniques to earn more revenue.

Contact us to ask us about cross-selling or upselling without any commitment, and if you want us to help you with your email marketing strategy.

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Apply these techniques without fear and start selling more ?

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