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Everything you need to know about influencer marketing

Influencers are used in the marketing world to advertise products or services. This relationship itself is based on the company’s communication with this person or group of people.

In recent years, this strategy is booming for its great benefits it provides to your brand.

In this article we will give you the necessary tips to make a good choice of influencers and why it is so useful for your company.

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What are influencers in digital marketing?

Influencers are here to stay and grow your company, they are people who have great visibility on social networks and will help sponsor your product.

They have a high position because they are the opinion leaders of new technologies thanks to the good online reputation they have achieved in their networks.

The advantages you will get thanks to working with them are many:

  • You will be able to reach new audiences in a massive way and help improve your brand image .
  • You will promote yourself in a more intimate way with the public and with indirect advertising.
  • It shows a lot of professionalism and classifies you as a leader in the sector.
  • It will help your brand to create notoriety, you will be able to establish new business opportunities and, above all, build loyalty with your current customers.

How can I choose influencers correctly?

It is very important to choose the right influencers to help you achieve your goals in the best possible way.

Your brand must be related to the values of the influencer and that their needs are similar to those of the brand so that contact with them is effective.

You should consider a number of factors to choose them:

  • Both your target audience and theirs must have similar characteristics and have special interest in your product or service. 🙌
  • As we have said, the values and philosophy of the brand and the ‘influencer’ must be similar. 🫂
  • A preliminary study should be done and contact him or her in the closest way to see if the objectives are similar. That this will end up being mutually beneficial. 🤜🤛
It is important to choose influencers correctly

The best trends on influencer marketing for this 2022

Marketing with influencers is one of the most used strategies last year and the one that is reigning and will continue to do so during this 2022.

TikTok, the social network that is hogging many audiences of multiple ages, has become one of the main strategies for many companies. 📲

Through videos between 15 seconds and 3 minutes, the platform and its users have managed to succeed and massively reach new audiences.

This strategy for companies is mainly based on contacting influencers by sending the product or service information to try it and, once the approval is received, it will promote it by recommending and explaining its use.

Many brands have trusted to use influencers and have obtained very good results, so this 2022 will be a trend and we advise you to use it for your brand.

Hire micro and/or nano influencers

These influencers are people who have many followers, but do not reach one million. Since contacting a macro-influencer is more complicated than it seems and, many times, the budget is high.

But these micro and nano influencers will help your brand a lot because in the end they end up getting a closer trust with the public and that they feel comfortable being informed.

Long-term relationship with influencers

Having a long-term contract with influencers will help you retain both them and their audiences.

Through a close relationship with them and offering them discounts, products, among others, you will get greater confidence and more stability with the link with them. ✅

The audiovisual format through video as a leader in the sector

Video does not stop growing thanks to new technologies and these new strategies that are being added to the digital marketing market. 📹

Creativity and identity

Mass communication and advertising doesn’t help if you lack creativity and show brand identity.

This happens the same with influencers, in recent years, the most viral influencers have been those who have created creative and unique content, so we must take into account these points. 🧠

Marketing trends this 2022

Start contacting influencers and grow your company exponentially

Now you know a little more about influencers and the benefits they can bring to your company.

Would you like to contact them? If you have any doubts about how to do it, at Kiwop, we are experts in digital marketing, and we can help you with influencer marketing!

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