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How to make an adequate capture of leads

Currently, there are many ways to capture leads thanks to fully digital tools that facilitate the process of attracting customers, people or companies that attract a lot of attention where

10 Google extensions you should use

Currently, it is very important to keep in mind that everything digital needs the right tools to make your experience on the web good. That’s why Google extensions can be

How do hashtags work on social networks?

Hashtags are used on social media and are essential to derive internal topics within them. They can be used for different purposes and become a marketing strategy to gain followers,

6 tips for good photo editing

Photographs in marketing are a fundamental aspect of calling customers. It is undeniable that the first thing that attracts attention are the graphic elements, that is why you must take

Best Video Editing Software for Computer

Creating quality content helps create marketing strategies with high levels of effectiveness. Videos are one of the most feasible techniques for these strategies. To create them, a good recording is

Do you know live stream shopping?

With the advances of the internet, e-commerce has developed exponentially, reaching the most innovative systems such as live stream shopping. Doesn’t this concept ring a bell? We explain it to

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